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Small businesses that are not up to speed with social media are dying because of a lack of traffic, leads, and customers. The fact is your customers hang out on social media. If you wish to connect with them you need to be there as well. If not you are likely missing out. This is no longer optional (It’s REQUIRED).

We solve this problem by clarifying and projecting an image that is in alignment with who is your perfect customer and by using social media and content marketing attract them to your website or sales page like bees to honey.

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How Can We Help you?

Here is what we offer

LinkedIn and Social Media Campaigns

If your market is B2B, LinkedIn is the perfect place to start your social media presence. Not only is it the largest B2B social media network but it has added benefits. Built into it the capacity to contact your ideal connections multiple ways to build familiarity and trust. In addition not only can you connect to your contacts but also the contacts your connections are connected to.

We will build a network of your ideal contacts in Linkedin and engage with your connections multiple ways using everything LinkedIn makes available to build goodwill and to keep you on top of mind.

Social media allows one to contact your potential customers multiple ways. However to keep up a media presence one must compete with BIG Brands and those with big budgets. If you’re trying to do it all by yourself, you’re going to struggle. We can create articles/posts with your approval for automatic distribution 6 months out to the top 9 Social Media Accounts including LinkedIn, Facebook. Twitter.


Content Creation

Having maximum exposure in Social Media requires Great content. Great content is now a requirement to compete and succeed in the IM marketplace.

To create consistency and presence and to keep on top of mind requires 3 things. Your content must be current, relevant and valuable.

One must also consistently reach out and speak the language of your prospects. Should you desire it our writers are american college professors working part time who will reaearch and create articles that are current, relevant and valuable.

If well thought out your content will project a consistent presence in all forms of social media. As well as in your website, in your blog, your ads and all the images you use. This goes a long way towards establishing a sense of stability, trust, and familiarity in your market place.

Good examples of successful branding  are the brands we all are familiar with like Nike, Microsoft, Facebook … With our branding service ensure the message your company is putting out is the ones your ideal clients want to graviate to.

We can offer 3 different social media plans to ensure your companies regular exposure to social media.  We can help you create an image of consistency, predictability, and familiarity – the factors that lead to trust and sales.

Paid Advertising

If you want fast results nothing works like Paid advertising. Press Releases are one form of paid advertising. And the reason they work is because they use OPD [Other Peoples’ Distribution] systems that took years to build. If you want free you have to put the time and effort to build your own content distribution systems but the fast way is to leverage systems already in place.

Now you can use the ‘Name Brand’ systems we are all used to such as ‘Yahoo Ads’, “LinkedIn Ads”, “Google Ads”, “Google Adwords”, Facebook Ads and pay top dollar. Or you can go through us and leverage non-name brand services and get 2-10x more exposure for the same advertising budget.

“I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for your support and effort. Incredible team and amazing service.”  Frank Miller

“I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for your support and effort. Incredible team and amazing service.”

Frank Ernst

Get constant traffic and potential buyers to your website

Thanks to our proprietary system and innovative technologies, we can help you a constant stream of leads and buyers to your website, so that you never have to worry about getting more clients for your business.

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