An Internet Marketing Agency Can Increase Your Online Visibility, Traffic, Engagement, Leads and Customers.

If you are looking for an Internet Marketing Agency to increase your Customer Base and your Revenue, then you are at the right place!

An Internet Marketing Agency will almost always claim that they are the perfect solution for you. Frankly, we do too! But it’s because we know we really are. Here’s what sets us apart and why you should choose us.

As An Internet Marketing Agency We Understand Your Business Challenges:

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  • You would like to use a marketing agency but you don’t think you have the budget. That used to be true, no marketing agency will touch you if you have less than $2500/month to spend on your marketing. The simple reason is there is not enough there for them to work with. In 2016 this still may be the case. However with our strategic partners in the data industry we can dramatically build your business with even small marketing budgets. And with mid to large size budgets double your marketing penetration.

  • You know you have to get into internet marketing and advertising but you do not know where to start? We sympathize with you – this is a full time job. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today as big players like Google are constantly changing the game board.
  • Traditional advertising methods are no longer relevant. Marketing online can be very complex (and costly) if you don’t know what works! Unless you are constantly testing and tweaking your campaigns to keep your finger on the pulse you are literally throwing money out the window. Stop.

  • You are currently running an  advertising campaign but you are not seeing the desired results. Stop. Tell us who you want to reach and where and when you want to reach them. Even if your target customers are on most prestigious venues we create a presence for you cost effectively.
  • You don’t know your advertising ROI as you have no reliable reporting. You don’t know what is working and what is not. If you can’t measure you can’t tweak and improve. Everything we do is tracked and reported to you.

  • You want to learn all the nuances of seo and search engine marketing. Sadly you must realize now that like anything else marketing is a full time business. One that takes years to master and continuous educational upgrades.  You may be finally clueing in that SEO, while still important, is not where its at. Yes we want to optimize our websites for the search engines. But more than that to be competitive, you need a comprehensive marketing approach. This is where we come in.

  • Your website is dated. It’s not ‘mobile’ or ‘tablet’ friendly. As a result you are losing potential customers to your competitors. Their sites are more compatible to smart phones and mobile devices. As a result search engine traffic is favouring your competition. Why? Simple, a search engines’ [like Google] ad revenue is based on satisfied user experience. And since most users are using mobile devices  your site doesn’t qualify [ Test Your Site Here ]. Let us fix it and make it Google friendly.

  • You want to engage your customers and build a fan base through social media marketing. However you just don’t have the time, the staff or the know how? From our perspective it appears that there is a misunderstanding that social media is free. Is it?

Do you have someone dedicated to daily producing value articles? Are you socially engaging with potential clients daily?  Are you daily writing article content? Are you taking actions to strategically bring traffic to specific pages on your website?

Lets say you are.  Who is paying for your time or their time? And is all this on ‘the hope’ and a prayer that this engagement will result in more clients and more visitors to your business? Do you know what you are doing by being focused on a measurable result?

How about if we automated all that for you. What if we tracked the results to show you what is working and what is not? What if we gave you the equalivant leverage of say a staff of 10? 

  • You are tired of being approached by every Tom, Dick and Harry who says he is a local marketing expert with the magic solution to all your problems. You don’t know who to believe any more, as nothing seems to work.  Nor do you have the time or the resources to deal with it and vet it out.  Its frustrating and its painful but you still have to deal with it as traditional marketing is gone with the Dodo bird. Like TV and Radio Advertising, it still works but it is very expensive and difficult to measure results.

  • Everything we as a marketing agency do today is based on tracked results. If it doesn’t work, we change it until it does.  If you don’t have the ability to track your results, you literally are flying in the dark. Your marketing should be tied to measurable results – if not you don’t have control on your bottom line. The bottom line is, its your bottom line that we track and worry about. If we don’t produce the results, you are not going to stay in business with us. We unlike other internet marketing agencies give you periodic reports on our progress. We increase your revenues and strategically position your business on a positive growth trajectory starting with where you are at. So talk to us and lets see if we can work profitably together.


Our Full Service Website Marketing and Advertising Agency Is Not A ‘One Trick Pony ‘

My Business Builders’ Provides You with Specific Business Builders as Part Of An Overall Marketing Plan. Suited to Where Your Business is Positioned Now and Where You Want It to Be.

Internet Marketing Agency Services

press release services Content Creation Brand Booster Web Site Audit Competitive Site Analysis Social Media Optimization Local Buzz Video Marketing We Design Video Creation Pay Per Click Reputation Management HTML Map

Our Internet Marketing Agency Services Are Integrated:

  • Our Services Are Simply Not Limited to That Shown Above.
  • Each of these services may be applied individually as they complement each other. But to get the best leverage it is important that there is a fundamental structure and overall plan in place.

For example:

  • We can immediately drive traffic using pay per click to your website but
  • What if your website is  not geared to handle the increased traffic?


  • What if there is no content on your site that adds customer value? What if your website content is stale. What if it does not provide your visitors a positive experience? Then, they likely will not stay long enough to make a buying decision.
  • What if Your competitors site is drawing significantly more free traffic that yours? Fix that.


  • What if  your sales copy simply does not convert?


But its not only the health of your website that you have to consider. Your Business website exists as part of a larger electronic community. To remain competitive you have to maintain your visibility:


  • You want to increase your brand exposure by building your assets on a global scale. Because lets face it everything is now accessible everywhere. AND
  • You want to Feed All Your Internet Assets with Fresh Information And Ensure a Constant flow of New Business to Your Door.

This is the Year Where Automation and Integrated Marketing Is Going To Give Small and Corporate Business the Leverage To Compete Locally and Globally:

With an experienced team of web development and technical professionals behind us, MyBusinesssBuilders has the manpower and the systems in place to get you where you want to be. You are not going to be left behind with outdated technology or marketing methods. 

We are systemized and positioned to serve both  small and corporate businesses here in the lower mainland of British Columbia. This includes Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, Mission, the Tri-Cities and Vancouver but…

But what you should know is that we primarily deal with electronic data – be it electronic ink on websites, be it press releases, be it audio, be it video. What the Big Ah Ha is:  “In 2016, all communication and marketing is about electronic data!” “So what,” you say, – well read on. What that means is we, like you, are simply not limited geographically. For us our team members and strategic partners are located all over the world and thus:

We are positioned to assist businesses ‘virtually’ anywhere in the world including Canada, United States, the UK, China, India, Australia and New Zealand. That should be good news to you because it means you are also positioned to serve a market place on a much larger scale than you ever dreamed of. It also means that businesses in other countries are in a position to compete with you. So today its a race to see who is first to stake claims for market share. You can scale your Business later. Meaning that you want to ensure you have established your brand everywhere possible NOW before that electronic real estate is taken. But don’t despair it doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what your budget is. You are in a position to prosper within this small window of opportunity. This is simply because in 2016 the electronic technology now gives even the smallest business corporate leverage.

From ‘small’ business to managing large corporate advertising accounts, we have you covered. Because we are aligned with data service providers we are uniquely positioned to service even the smallest of clients with limited marketing budgets. To put it simply we have cut out the middle man that everyone else has to go through so today a little can really go a long way.

For our startup or small clients, we can subsequently give incredible brand exposure not previously possible!! In 2016 this is now possible where it never was before.

For our larger corporate clients, we can dramatically extent their marketing reach without increasing their marketing budget. We use state-of-the-art internet marketing solutions and proven advertising methods that will ensure a healthy ROI for all of our clients. Furthermore we track everything and report it to you. So you know what is working and what is not. Tracking and monitoring allows us to adjust our marketing strategy as market conditions change.

We massively expand your brand exposure:

  • 1) so to increase website visitors.
  • 2) so to increase prospective clients into buyers and clients
  • 3) so to  increase your bottom line. 


As Your Internet Marketing and Advertising Agency:

MyBusinessBuilders.com will design specific and unique marketing campaigns based on

  • your wants,
  • your needs and
  • your business goals.

To do that we

  • interview you,
  • conduct a professional health check of your website
  • assess the effectiveness of your current marketing programs
  • then customize a marketing plan to increase your online visibility, website traffic and customer base

It is our mission to help you increase your customer base as well as your ROI. The time to do this can never be better – if you get a leg up on your competition. In 2016, it is only now that internet marketing, social media marketing and everything that it entails are coming into a mature state. It is only now the the tools large international companies have been using have finally become affordable to the Mom and Pop level.  That is to say soon your competition will be getting on board and you certainly don’t want to be behind this technology curve.

We constantly monitor, measure and track all aspects of our internet marketing strategies. This ensures we know and you know what is working. We do all this while ensuring compliance with all the ongoing and latest Search Engine algorithm changes. This ensures that your website will not only be found. It ensures that you are not penalized by ‘quick fix solutions’ or ‘dated strategies’. Strategies that may appear to work in the short term  – that is until the ‘Google Police’ catch up – giving you short term gain for long term pain.

Accordingly, we have the resources and the team to ONLY provide the most current, ‘white hat’ marketing, advertising and seo services. MyBusinessBuilders.com also uses the latest up-to-date communication and monitoring platforms. This means that you as a client can monitor our progress 24/7. You therefore are in control. You no longer have to  rely on faith and hope that your marketing will produce results. With us you can see in real time that we are doing the right things to increase your website visitors and thus your prospective leads and clients/customers and 3) thus your bottom line.

We Increase Your Online Visibility, Traffic and Customer Engagement

We ensure that your website becomes more visible across all the applicable online marketing channels and social networks in order to deliver the traffic you need. We utilize the latest cutting edge marketing techniques. We also ensure that we provide high quality, relevant content. This is in order for your visitors to become attracted to you and become engaged with your specific brand or service.

We Deliver Leads and Customers because you want to make money, right?

Your online visibility, traffic generation and site visitor engagement techniques mean nothing IF your website visitors do not convert into leads and customers. All of our internet marketing strategies and services are geared towards converting your visitors into leads and your leads into customers. Subsequently, we also provide customer retention programs geared toward ensuring loyalty to your brand. These loyal customers will then be inclined to spread the good word about your brand and your business. This in turn will amplify all of our marketing efforts.

An Internet Marketing Agency Geared to Increase Your Business Revenue, Profits and ROI

Today’s internet marketing techniques are constantly changing and ever evolving. Having a world class marketing company managing your online visibility is pretty much a necessity these days. MyBusinessBuilders offers premium services at very competitive rates for small and large budgets. With a dedicated staff of over 300 to serve you, we can handle your marketing small or large. Your interests will never be sidelined due to lack of staff or overwhelm. Coupled with our marketing intelligence and your passion for your business we make a team. We will work together and track our progress as we strategically increase your Revenue, your Profits, and your ROI. Contact us!

The Time and Opportunity is Now – Go ahead and Contact My-Business-Builders Your Internet Marketing Agency

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We want to be your internet marketing agency and there is no better time than now. However unless you realize to what extent we can increase your potential exposure its unlikely to you will engage our services as you don’t see the vision.  It’s difficult to put this delicately but we don’t want you to fall victim to your competitors success because they understand the marketing landscape. So to complement our Marketing Services and to help educate our prospective clients – be sure to take advantage of all our free and paid training courses. Its enough to get you started but at some point we know you will need the marketing leverage and reporting that only we can provide. Nevertheless don’t be afraid to call us and you will be surprised at what we can do for you. Keep in mind that the technology is always changing giving us more and more marketing leverage for the dollar than we ever had before.

Social Media Optimization  A Necessity
Easy Step By Step Video Training Online
Brand Optimization The Best ROI

SOCIAL MEDIA COURSES – Social Media Optimization Today is a Necessity!

Every business online and offline requires  a social online presence today for branding purposes not only to survive but to thrive. Get ahead of the technology wave. Toassist you our ‘Dominate Social Media’ courses progressively move you through a step by step process using check lists, mind maps and resource guides. This will get you and your business quickly up to speed!

VIDEO COURSES to Get Your Business Marketing Up to Speed

To you time is money but typically you don’t know where to start and this new technology can be overwhelming. Our Videos quickly give you a current strategic perspective as we guide you through the step by step process towards achieving social media and internet marketing domination. ‘Catch the Wave’, the internet and social media window of opportunity exploding today can only drive your business into the stratosphere! more info..

INTERNET MARKETING COURSES – Brand Optimization On Page and Off Page

To Complement our Social Media Courses we also offer Internet Marketing Courses. For example if you wish your ‘Brand’ to be visible to the internet search engines you would want to make sure your website is first optimized for maximum visibility [On Page or Search Engine Optimization -SEO]. In addition to such on-page tweaks there are many ‘off-page’ or ‘off-website’ things one can do to create ‘Internet Branding’  visibility overall – the end result being  more traffic to your website and thus more potential clients and ultimately more profits! more info..


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