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Today, Matt Bacak, an email marketing expert who made millions online is giving away every single email that he sent out in the last 22 years online! It’s ABSOLUTE GOLD…

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Special 12 Days of Christmas Bonus

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dime sale #5001Swipes
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I’m excited to tell you about this dime sale, but first…

Matt Bacak – Email Marketer Extraordinaire

Matt Bacak, an email marketing expert who made millions online is giving away every single email that he sent out in the last 22 years online! It’s all happening tomorrow on his birthday, December 31st, 2019.

He is not claiming he made that kind of money, he actually did as he has been marketing online since 1997!

He is not only a sought-after digital marketer but has also marketed for some of the world’s top experts. Their reputations would shrivel if their followers ever found out someone else coached them on their email marketing strategies.

The Dime Sale Product

The dime sale product is called: 5,001 Profit-Producing Emails

He shares all of his marketing emails and email swipes he was sending and made money with over the years. The best part is, you can swipe, model your own emails and use them as your own email copywriting course.

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5001 Profit-Producing Emails -Matt Bacak
Matt Bacak – Marketing Genius

I’m excited to tell you about something special that Matt is about to release, but first…

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Social media optimization is a known business necessity. Owners understand that for their venture to withstand the competition and survive, they need exposure. They need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. They need to update fan pages, upload photos, and interact with their audience. After all, 3.48+ billion Internet users use social networks, according to Global Digital 2019 reports. Indeed no online marketing strategy is ever complete without it. But at the end of the day, its sales—not likes, retweets, or repins—that keep the business going. So the question now is…

“Do businesses actually get sales from social media?”

social media optimization
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Social Media Optimization: Vast Network of Networks

Despite doubts clouding social’s power to keep the cash register ringing, business still believes in conducting marketing via social networks. In fact, 83% of marketers surveyed by Social Media Examiner consider social media as important for their business. The same source found that 59% of marketers are using social media for 6 hours or more each week.

As for which site is considered most critical to a business, 61% of marketers use Facebook. This in 2019 is down from 67% in 2018 according to the findings of Social Examiner.

Apart from Facebook, used by 94% of B2C marketers, Instagram is used by 73% and Twitter is used by 59%. Closely follows is LinkedIn which is used by 58%. Then, there’s YouTube at 54%, Pinterest at 28%, Messenger Bots at 14% and Snapchat at 6%.

For B2B Marketers Facebook again dominates at 91% with LinkedIn following at 80%. Then there is Twitter at 67%, Instagram at 66%, YouTube at 54%, Pinterest at 24%, Messenger Bots 15% and SnapChat 4%.

Social Media Ads

The ad platform most used by marketers is Facebook at 72%. This is followed by Instagram at 38%, LinkedIn at 14%, YouTube at 12%, Facebook Messenger 4% and Snapchat at 2%

So, Do Social Users Actually Buy?

Some 43% of social users actually do buy. The purchases happened after conducting some form of social action on the item, like sharing and favoriting, says global research provider Vision Critical. Broken down by site, Facebook appears to be the best platform to drive sales as 38% of its users have purchased an item after liking and sharing it. Pinterest ranks second with 29% of users saying they have purchased an item. Twitter was third with 22%. Social sites drive both online and offline sales, it was found.

What do they buy? Recent social-inspired purchases by users fall mostly under technology and electronics, with the category accounting for 34% of sales driven by Twitter and 25% by Facebook. As for Pinterest, 50% of millennials use Pinterest every month and 47% purchase something they interact with. Ad revenue in Pinterest alone is projected to surpass $1 billion by 2020.

Which type of retail store or site did they buy from? Facebook users mostly purchased from a discount retailer (43%) and supermarket (18%). Discount retailer also ranked first for Twitter (31%) and Pinterest (26%). Twitter users also bought from a department store (31%). Pinterest users purchased from a specialty retailer (21%).

The Social Buyer: Dissected & Analyzed

The social buyer exists and is mostly (51%) between the age of 18 and 34. The 35-54 age group represents 34% of social purchasers while the 55+ age group accounts for the remaining 15% or so. Divided by sex, 56% are male and 44% are female.

Introduce mobile in your social media optimization and the demographics change. The ratio between males and females further favors males, 69:31. The 18-34 age group grows to 68% of the total number of social purchasers using mobile. Facebook (43%) and Pinterest (38%) purchases are mostly not mobile but 35% of Twitter-driven purchases are purely mobile.

So what’s inside the mind of a social buyer? A whopping 70% of Twitter user-purchasers said they were “vaguely” thinking about purchasing the product at the time they bought it. Facebook (60%) and Pinterest (49%) users had the same mindset when they bought a product, adds Vision Critical. The difference surfaces in buyers who “had not thought about purchasing this product” when they bought it. Only 9% of Twitter user-purchasers fall under this group while the figure is 16% for Facebook. Pinterest appears to be the best site for unplanned purchases as 29% of their social buyers weren’t even thinking about buying such items when purchased it.

How to Appeal to Your Social Buyer

Use a Specific Network’s Purchasing Influence – Auto posting the same exact stuff on all your social accounts is not the best way to approach social media. If you want to get social-inspired sales, not all social networks are the same. You must understand how a particular network or social website influences a customer’s purchase decision. For example, 43% of Pinterest purchasers said they were influenced by the “additional information on the product,” according to Vision Critical. This means Pinterest is a great choice when providing product details, reviews, and recommendations, different models, etc.

For identifying where prospects can purchase the product, 38% of buyers used Twitter. When alerting to a sale or deal, 37% credited Facebook and 32% Twitter. Some 32% got reminders to purchase through Twitter. But when it comes to providing a coupon code, the battle is tight among Facebook (18%), Pinterest (14%), and Twitter (18%). Product discovery contests are also close: Facebook (31%), Pinterest (35%), and Twitter (35%).

Social Media Users Fall in 3 Categories

According to Vision Critical social media users fall into 3 categories. Lurkers are those that post on social networks once a week or less, Dabblers are those who post 2-4 times a week and Enthusiasts are those that post 5 x a week or more. What is revealing is that each group differs in what they buy. Furthermore what is expressed by the Enthusiasts doesn’t necessarily reflect the buying decisions of the other groups. The take away is that in order to most effective in your advertising one really needs to understand one’s customer.

Network Where Your Targets Are

– Leading data firm Statista estimates 79.5% of Pinterest users are female. According to Pinterest, the most popular Pinterest categories are as follows: food & drink; accessories watches and jewelry; and beauty products. Go to LinkedIn and you’ll find a healthy balance of professionals from both sexes.

The idea is to analyze which site best suits your target market’s profile and then start your social media optimization campaign in that network. This strategy not only gives your marketing direction some focus, but it also maximizes your resources.

Get Started in Focused Social Media Today

You can use social media optimization not just to get a legion of followers, but also to generate sales. That’s already proven. The best approach right now is to get started—if you haven’t already—and give it focus to ensure you influence social buyers to purchase your products and avail of your services.

For more information visit https://mybusinessbuilders.com/social-media-discovery-page/ to learn how you may attract social purchasers and generate more sales from social networks today.

Free Google Search Results Have Moved to Page Two

Google has been gradually introducing a new wrinkle to search results. The progression from free search to paid search is now virtually complete. Initially, free search results were at the top of a Google search with ten paid ad spots on the left. Then to accommodate the mobile phone’s narrow display, 3 paid ads placed on top of the free search results. Thus making competition for those spots much more expensive. Then Google introduced Google Maps. This forced the natural search results down even further. And now, Google has rolled out LSA or Local Service Ads – soon coming to a location near you. All-natural Search or free search results will soon only be found on page two. You might as well say that paid search is now the only way to go OR is it?

Google Search and LSA

Forget Google Search

Instead of getting or enticing prospective clients to find you, what if you simply find them? You wouldn’t need a presence on social media, you wouldn’t even need a website, and you wouldn’t have to compete with your competition for a pricey spot on page one of an internet search.

For example: Imagine a restaurant sending a tempting lunch offer at 11 am to the mobile phones of all office workers within a 5-mile radius.

Or imagine a real estate office sending to all prospective ‘executive home’ buyers in his local area an offer to cover their moving expenses.

What if there was a system that would allow you that type of ‘Pin-Point’ marketing and be free from the monopoly Google has on paid and natural search.

You wouldn’t then have to waste ads by presenting them to non-buyers. You subsequently would get higher conversions for less money and you would not have to compete for a limited number of spots.  There is such a system and it is cheaper than any other type of paid traffic. You pay wholesale, not retail ad rates. And there is an even bigger plus. You don’t have to invest the years of effort and the money, it takes to build traffic and create a list using social media and pay per click.

Access Potential Customers Directly without being held hostage by Going Through A Third Party Like Google Search

Just You And the Internet

It is not an understatement to say that the internet landscape is dominated by Google, but if you discount the search engines and introduce ‘Big Data, there is a more equal playing field for small business.

When it comes to ‘display advertising’ it only controls somewhere between 20 and 30% of market share. With its acquisition of ‘Double Click’ it is only 1 out of 100+ ad exchanges. This means that with Google display ads you are only reaching a small portion of your potential customers. But if you tap into what all the other ad aggregators have you can virtually reach 97% of your potential market.

RTB – Real Time Bidding

The Data aggregators collectively pool data on all traffic on the net making it a prospectors gold mine. Tap into this data through an RTB platform and the benefits are multi-fold:

  1. It allows us to research and target the demographic and geographic traits that specifically define our clients’ customers;
  2. Rather than be limited to one display ad network such as Google with 20-25% market reach we expand that to 95% coverage of what’s available in any geographic area;
  3. We bid on ad placements in virtually all networks directly paying wholesale costs without having to pay retail through a third party like Google. We thus are in a position to pass on significant savings on your ad spend;
  4. Plugging into big data means you have direct market access to potential clients in virtually all of the various social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook.

P.S. Since Microsoft acquired Linkedin, all of Linkedin’s database is now part of ‘Big Data’. Now you should know that plugging in a B to B Linkedin Network is approximately 2x our normal wholesale ad cost. This is still a good deal as B to B purchases are typically 10 to 100x B to C and are thus more valuable. Even so, our system still outperforms PPC at roughly half the cost right across the board although some niches work better than others.

What we are offering here changes the game board dramatically for small and medium-sized business. If you wish to know more contact us here

blog posts and content distribution
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I don’t think its just me but I find that I am not dedicating enough time to doing blog posts. I actually use multiple services to distribute content through multiple media channels. I achieve this, mostly by borrowing from other peoples content. Recently I posted two of my own articles. This was something that was way, way overdue and immediately I was reminded of something I put in place a long time ago.

You see, whenever I publish a blog post, I get sent an email (within minutes of me hitting ‘publish’) inviting me to review a full 12 month social marketing campaign for the blog post I just published. All I need to do then is review their suggestions (making edits if I need to) and that’s it. My blog post is then marketed across my social channels not just once but multiple times over the next 12 months – driving traffic back to my site.

Quite simply… it’s a great way to get maximum leverage from your blog posts and I love anything that give me leverage. And through this special link Missinglettr will give you 50% off any of the 3 plans they offer for the first 3 months.

To grab this great deal now, head to Missinglettr

Now if you have any questions feel free to leave a message in my comment section below.

Website Ranking in Google

Website Ranking and Rankbrain
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To determine website ranking in 2015, Google introduced Rankbrain an artificial intelligence [ai] component to its search algorithm. At the time we thought it only had to do with measuring and keeping track of organic click-through rates, bounce rates, time on site and return visitors, but we were wrong.

Most people today, still think that to rank one’s website in the top 10 places of a Google Search one has to continually provide good content and have good quality links to their page. Well, they are partially right, but today Rankbrain has become the most influential factor. It has dramatically changed the whole ranking game and it is something you can take full advantage of if you are ahead of the knowledge curve.

Why Your Website is Not Ranking

Now if your website content is good; if you have good quality sites pointing to your webpage; and if you are not on the first page of a Google search – then it’s likely you are not putting out the social signals that Rankbrain is looking for.

Furthermore, if you look at search results lately it is becoming more and more obvious that you have to compete for top positions that are dominated by major brands and huge mega sites. This is grossly unfair to small business and those trying to get started. So it begs the question. “How can I ever get my website to show up on the first page for a competitive search term”? However, don’t despair as there is a way to get on top of website ranking by giving Rankbrain exactly what it is looking for.

The 5 Secret Ranking Signals

To rank websites on the first page of a Google search, you need to take into account the five secret signals that we know Google loves. 1) Mobile signals, 2) proximity signals, 3) navigational searches, 4) brand searches, and 5) pogo-sticking.

Mobile signals are searches coming from mobile devices. Proximity signals our searches coming from users close to the physical location of the business. Navigational searches are searches for things specific only to your business like owner’s name product names or any unique content. Brand search shows that people know and value your brand. Pogo sticking is a user bouncing from one site to another, finally landing on what they really wanted.

Pogo Sticking is particularly important to website ranking. This is because Google is always trying to decipher user intentions so they can provide better user experience by delivering better results. You can use this social signal to your advantage by Pogo Sticking the Google search box by revising the search phrase with your brand name. This will bring your site to the top of the search and then click on your website link. This click shows Google that the ‘searchers’ end intent was your website. If multiple users do the same process enough times with a particular search term it is inevitable that your website will be ranked higher by Rankbrain.

Website Clicks Are Important

Now we know that sites with more clicks are being pushed higher in Google right now. So in order to boost your organic rankings in Google, it’s definitely to your advantage to take control over user behavior signals..

You can push up your website rankings for any keyword by sending high-quality user signals to Google. When we do it, this traffic clicks through to your site and will explore your website by clicking deeper into your site and spending time there. This increase in clicks and time-on-site combined with a reduction of bounce rate will indicate that you’re keeping your visitors engaged. This is a sure way to show Google your site has content worthy enough to send more visitors there.

Real Traffic From Real Devices

If you want to rank your website at the top of an internet search you also have to provide the right social signals. Lucky for you there is an easy to use app that does this for you. The best part of this is that it uses real users’ devices to achieve these social signals. Yes, that’s right, real desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones, no proxies or phony connections that Google doesn’t trust, no blackhat trickery that Google hates. Just real user devices sending high-quality user behavior signals that show Rankbrain that your site deserves to be at the top of a Google search.

This social signal app is very easy to set up on your smartphone, on your computer or your tablet. It consumes very little power and runs completely on autopilot in the background. Most importantly it plugs your website into a network of devices all around the world prompting them to visit your website and thus give Rankbrain the right social signals. The social signals it is looking for, in order to rank your website much higher in an internet search. This app was designed by SEO [Search engine optimization] veterans, one of whom was on the original team that developed the Google search algorithm.

Let’s level the playing field. Build brand authority by connecting your brand to profitable buyer keywords. Click here to learn more

They say, “Content is King.” It’s what creates value, it’s what brings people back time and time again. One of the sites I recommend to my clients is StoryChief. Use it to 1) collaborate with others, 2) to build a multi-channel distribution system for your articles and 3) use it to optimize your articles for readability and to make them mobile and search engine friendly.


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