Looking For Gloves on the Ground [OTG]?

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Photographer: Artem Kniaz | Source: Unsplash

Stop chasing ghosts. Gloves on the ground, that is landed in a warehouse here in North America, are in such demand that before you can confirm it exists they tend to evaporate. There is a way around this, but first lets be realistic of what we can expect in terms of market price by looking at the categories of gloves on the ground that are available.

Nitro Blends Gloves on the Ground :

Just running through the list as of this week we have a lot of blends, a lot of nitro, vinyl blends, and they're all in the high 12s and up to the high 13s. That's the cheapest you're going to find with any nitro in it, whether it's medical or non-medical.


And then we have some nitrile gloves on the ground that are medical or non medical, and they're all in the 13s and 14s and 15s.


And then you have the chemos in the 14s, 15s, 16s and 17s. We have a lot of lots on the ground and they are all odd size lots like 17000 here, 25000, there 40, maybe 50, 60, 80. And then you have to take the whole lot. You can't take a few say, well, I just want these in large and these in medium and small. And these in extra large, if you don't take it all, they just move on to the next buyer.

There's nothing in the 11s and 12s anymore that was like three or four months ago.

Inspect and Buy:

Regarding gloves on the ground, they all say inspect and buy. But we been down this road so many times and it doesn't work here's why.

Many times people go down to inspect only to find a number of people fighting over the same lot. Typically then the buyer that gets it is the buyer who shows up with the deposit for the proof of funds. Sometimes it may end up with whoever was willing to pay the highest price. So 1) all these people who came down to inspect didn't get the lot and go away disappointed. 2) if you got the lot you its likely you have to pay a lot more than you thought.


The best way to go about acquiring gloves on the ground is to put a deposit down or show a proof of funds so the lot owner can take it off the market and hold it for you temporarily. Then you go down and inspect it. That's our approach so we don't waste our time, your time or the lot owners time chasing ghosts.

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