About Us

MyBusinessBuilders.com is a full service internet marketing agency that specializes in all aspects of internet marketing services with the sole purpose of assisting you to reach your business goals. We provide our marketing expertise to clients within British Columbia, in cities such as Vancouver and Abbotsford.  We help business professionals and companies of all sizes use search engine optimization and social media marketing to boost their online visibility, attract new customers and increase their bottom line. For aspiring entrepreneurs we have also developed a series of d.i.y. marketing courses which also serve as an excellent primer to those who want to take brand optimization to the next level. For more information – read “Why We are The Perfect Solution For You

Marketing Services: We specialize in Website Design, Website Audits, SEO, SEM [Search Engine Optimization and Mangement], Local Buzz- Local Marketing, b2b Marketing, Social Media Management, PPC [Pay Per Click Advertising], and Online Reputation Management.

We are different than most other internet marketing companies as we are not just an ‘seo’ or a ‘website design company’. We are a full service internet marketing and advertising agency backed by a staff of over 300 employees. Each highly trained in their respective roles, including, but not limited to: all aspects of website development, coding, video creation, content writing, press release services, reputation management, seo, sem, adwords and ppc advertising as well as social media marketing and management. This can be summed up by the fact we have the team in place to provide what you need to provide quality content online on your website [on site] and off site [ in the appropriate social and business networks and directories] to establish your vibrant brand presence all across the net or the globe for that matter. To give you an idea of what we do for you listen to this sample report:

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Marketing Courses: MyBusinessBuilders.com has also developed our own brand of internet marketing courses for those who desire to learn more about online marketing.

Our Do it Yourself Marketing Courses include the following subjects:

  • Linkedin Training
  • Facebook Training
  • Pinterest Training
  • Twitter Training
  • YouTube Training
  • Google Plus Training
  • Search Engine Optimization Training
  • and more training courses are in the works.

All of our marketing courses come with easy to follow, step-by-step training guides, video tutorials, advanced marketing strategies and other surprise bonuses.

Every business online and offline requires social online presence today not only to survive but to thrive by getting ahead of the wave. This is why our courses progressively move you through a step by step process using check lists, mind maps and resource guides to get you and your business up to speed and fast leaving everyone else behind!

As one of Canada’s top internet marketing agencies, we strive to help all businesses achieve their business goals. Whether you want to go it alone, or have us do it for you – we have you covered.

Times Are Changing:

We have seen many internet transformations and developments over the past 20 years in our online endeavors. Specifically, the primary internet search engine ‘Google’ is constantly changing the dynamics and algorithms of how websites are found online. So much so, that it is virtually impossible to keep clients sites on the first page of a typical search via search engine optimization ‘SEO’ alone. Search engine management ‘SEM’ is becoming ever more important in order to maintain good search engine rankings.

Nobody looks at the second page of an internet search

This is very important as virtually nobody looks at the second page of a internet search – so in effect you might as well not have a website at all, for all the good it will do you. With search algorithms constantly changing, you now must have teams of internet experts in many online fields just to keep up with what is working now online in your specific area and internet marketing in general.

The sad fact is that what may have worked online a year ago, or even six months ago may not even be relevant now. We at MyBusinessBuilders.com are constantly following the latest trends and strategies to know what is effective and working now so you don’t have to. It is critical now as traditional marketing is as dead as the dodo bird! There really is no other alternatives, as traditional Print Media, Radio and Television advertising is prohibitively expensive. Electronic ink media using web 2.0 applications and internet marketing is relatively cheap in comparison. However if someone can’t find your service easily on the first page of a search online – you effectively are out of the running for new business.

Today if no one is visiting your website or commenting on their experience regarding your services/products then your website has no social proof that you are what you say you are. Google will subsequently determine that you are not an authority in your field and subsequently direct people looking for your services to your competition. This underlines the ever-increasing importance of what we in the business call web 2.0 sites or social media marketing.

You can no longer afford to ignore social media in this new marketing reality

Increasingly as people become more and more internet savvy, they are already skeptical of what information is put on the internet. Google as a search engine recognizes this and is changing its search algorithms to put more reliance on what people say – Social Proof.

What this simply means to your business is that: Comments on Social Network sites such as Twitter and Facebook on a particular product or service have now become something you no longer ignore in this new marketing reality. No longer can you afford to have your website act simply as a glorified business card on the internet. It must be an integral piece of your marketing arsenal to ensure your practice continues to be healthily fed by the type of clients you ideally wish to attract.

Would you like to have our team of internet experts in your marketing department? Most Businesses do not have the means or where-with-all to even find these experts let a lone hire them on a full time basis. This is where MyBusinessBuilders comes in, with over our two decades experience online, we have developed working relationships with the best internet experts around the world in many online fields including, but not limited to those listed below:

Internet Marketing On Page and Off Page
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Business Website Design
Website Hosting
  • Website Content Creation
  • Opt-in Form Installation
  • Auto-Responder Content
  • Split Testing and Lead Generation Pages
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Article Writing and Ghost Blogging
  • Guest Blogging
  • Monitoring and Analytics
  • Ebook and White Paper Creation
  • Logo Graphics and Design


Media and Social Marketing
  • Facebook Fanpage Creation
  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Distribution
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Book Marking
Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Pay per Click
  • Youtube Ads
  • Media Buys
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Video Creation
  • Video Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing Videos
  • Infomercials

Other Related Services

  • Telephone Call Tracking
Twitter Posting Maintenance
  • Facebook Maintenance
  • Reputation Management
Print Publication Campaigns
  • Personal Marketing Consulting
  • Mobile Marketing in your Specialized Community
  • Local Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Reputation Management & Marketing
  • Adwords & PPC Management for Physicians, Doctors & Dentists
  • Private Speciality Newsletters
Directory Listings
  • QR Code Design . . .

MyBusinessBuilders acts on your behalf as your very own marketing department that you could not afford to hire on your own. Through MyBusinessBuilders.com, you now have access to our team of experts that can handle all wide scope marketing needs at a fraction of the price if you would pay to hire them internally or individually.MyBusinessBuilders can be your very own Marketing Agency and keep you one step ahead of your competition.

What We Do:
  1. Help your Business gain the Branding and Reputation required to dominate your competition and to consistently get new prospects and increase visits from current and former patients.
  2. Help expand and create the Business you ideally desire.
Help you attract ideal prospects who not only value your services but are more profitable for your bottom line
  4. Help establish your Business as an ‘Authority’ in your community and Brand You as the expert in your particular field.
Help you generate and track the substantial ROI for each of the Business Services we implement.
  6. Give you a peace-of-mind by having knowledgeable marketing professionals deliver profitable results to your bottom line by ensuring a constant flow of new site visits.


How We Work:

We are not here to sell any “packaged” service about the latest and greatest widget, software, Mobile / Social App or SEO specials, as a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply in specialized businesses.

We understand that each Business is unique. Accordingly, we would be happy to meet with you in person to evaluate your Business and determine your specific needs. We take a unique 3-step approach in order to develop a customized marketing plan designed to address all your marketing and communication requirements.

Meeting 1: We meet in person to learn the unique aspects of your Business, your current marketing strategies and your ideal clients/customers. We will not be discussing any solutions or services at this meeting as the intent is to get a better understanding where you are in light of where you want to be.

Meeting 2: We will provide a detailed custom competitive analysis easily worth $500-$1000 that will show you the challenges and opportunities you are facing while competing in your specialized area. This way you and we can better clarify where your business is now and what it needs in terms of bringing it to where you want it to go.

Meeting 3: We will discuss our recommended solutions on how to get new clients into your business and how you can increase your ROI further by attracting more visits by current and past clients. We will discuss our recommendations in as much or as little detail as required to suit your specific needs. We take pride in over delivering and will treat your marketing needs as if they were our own.

If you want your business to be visible online, to be found by your targeted demographics and ultimately to get more new clients/customers then Contact Us to set up your no cost, no obligation personal marketing consultation.

Lets Face The Facts

If you can track and measure it – you can dramatically improve it 

The competition is fierce online and traditional marketing methods are not only expensive and the results untrackable – they simply don’t work any more. 
Frankly if you can’t substantiate your marketing results by your marketing return on investment [ROI] – don’t gamble with your business – focus on providing value to your website visitors and let us prescribe and track what you need to build and sustain a healthy business!

How do you get new prospects? Call us today to find out! more info…