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By Les December 18, 2019

Photographer: Austin Distel | Source: Unsplash

I don’t think its just me but I find that I am not dedicating enough time to doing blog posts. I actually use multiple services to distribute content through multiple media channels. I achieve this, mostly by borrowing from other peoples content. Recently I posted two of my own articles. This was something that was way, way overdue and immediately I was reminded of something I put in place a long time ago.

You see, whenever I publish a blog post, I get sent an email (within minutes of me hitting ‘publish’) inviting me to review a full 12 month social marketing campaign for the blog post I just published. All I need to do then is review their suggestions (making edits if I need to) and that’s it. My blog post is then marketed across my social channels not just once but multiple times over the next 12 months – driving traffic back to my site.

Quite simply… it’s a great way to get maximum leverage from your blog posts and I love anything that give me leverage. And through this special link Missinglettr will give you 50% off any of the 3 plans they offer for the first 3 months.

To grab this great deal now, head to

Now if you have any questions feel free to leave a message in my comment section below.

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