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Quote from Matt, “This friend [of Tiffany] was in a radically different niche than I’m in and didn’t believe my emails would work for her. Since the friend was uncertain. Tiffany created a video tutorial on how to edit the emails for any niche. Her friend was shocked at how easy it was to do after watching it. So as another nudge, we agreed, that I can give you that practical, simple-to-duplicate tutorial, too!”

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NOTE: Each these bonuses in the 3 categories below are complete courses in themselves that you can use yourself for your own benefit – that you can set up as training course or that you can sell as is for hundreds of dollars:

Traffic Creation

PLR Video Course #1 – Explode Your Traffic With These 6 FREE Traffic Methods.
If you can’t afford to pay for traffic yet, I highly recommend you watch this course.

PLR Video Course #2 – Instant Traffic For Pennies With Bing Ads.
Most people are still not using Bing as a traffic source but I will tell you this can be a very profitable (and cheap) traffic source.

PLR Video Course #3 – 3 Hot Paid Traffic Sources.
These are so hot that they are still my secrets. Sorry, I can’t give you any hints on this one.

PLR Video Course #4 – Top 6 Paid Underground Traffic Sources.
These sources can get you very targeted traffic. It’s a surprise not too many people know about these sources yet.

PLR Video Course #5 – Free Traffic From Submitting eBooks to Free eBook Sites. This is a very powerful way to get traffic for free.

PLR Video Course #6 –Hot New Traffic Source. Over Potential 250 Million Visitors!

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Ad Vendors And List Brokers

PLR Video Course #7 – Large Solo Ad Vendors And List Brokers.
If you need to build a list fast, you can pay these big boys to send you lots of traffic fast.

PLR Video Course #8 – Solo Ad Secrets.
One of the fastest ways to get traffic is to buy solo ads. You can get burned though if you do it wrong, so watch this course before you get started.

PLR Video Course #9 – Facebook Ad Secrets
Using Facebook Ads can be very powerful if done right. So watch this course to get some tips.

PLR Video Course #10 – Get Hundreds Of Leads Weekly From USFreeAds.  This is a great way to build your list in various niches.

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Easy Cash

PLR Video Course #11 – How I made 4 figures promoting an affiliate product to a tiny list. A couple of methods taught here don’t require you to have a list!

PLR Video Course #12 – Amazon Affiliate Program.
Not on Amazon affiliate yet? Become an affiliate so you can work towards earning passive income.

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