Its National Restaurant Takeout Day Each Wednesday – Support Your Restaurants

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Support Your Local Restaurants

Support Your Local Restaurants on National Restaurant Takeout Day. Restaurants desperately need our help and there is a lot we can do for them. Most if they do have online ordering and delivery are held hostage by delivery services. They charge anywhere from 10 to 30% off the top – most likely closer to 30%. This makes it difficult and some restaurants would prefer to just close their doors. To help them out if you have the option order from them directly or go to their location.

Restaurant Takeout Delivery Services – Use them for Lead Generation

Some Restaurants would rather close their doors and not be held hostage to delivery services. That would be a shame as its our restaurants that add flavour to what we experience socially in our communities. The trick is not to view third party delivery services as a cost item. It is a fantastic way to drive initial traffic to your door given the amount of advertising they spend on television and elsewhere.

The other objection to third party delivery is that they expose your customers to your competition. To offset this, maximize every order.

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Are you Maximizing Every Order?

A Restaurant takeout delivery Cost of 30% may seem excessive. That is unless you view it as a lead generation opportunity. Now all you have to do is 1) collect their information. And 2) give you customers a good incentive to bypass the delivery services next time. You can do this by inserting something of value into your delivery bag. The rule of thumb is to entice them back three times. If each time they have a good experience you likely will have a repeat customer for life. Now the question is how do you want dispense with that extra 30% percent overhead. The solution is to have your own independent restaurant takeout ordering system and you need an easy way of collecting your customer data. We can help you with that.

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We can Quickly set Up Your Restaurant with a Free Online Ordering System

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