They’re Taking What’s YOURS… Hurry!

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Today, Matt Bacak, an email marketing expert who made millions online is giving away every single email that he sent out in the last 22 years online! It’s ABSOLUTE GOLD…

It’s all of his marketing emails and email swipes he was sending and made money with over the years. The best part is, you can swipe, model your own emails, use as your own email copywriting course.. And even better news:

This product is CHEAP. Started off at $7. With every 3rd sale, it goes up by a penny (get it here before it goes up more), and get this:

He just released it just a little while ago, and the price has already risen to $7.16… because 48 people have bought it in just the first few minutes it was available, but…

Actually… there’s another sale right now. Price is already a little bit higher…

And another one 😉 This is fun to watch… It’s likely that, within a VERY short time, it’ll get all the way up to $97… and when it does, this product will be taken off the market.

Want to know how it’s racking up such huge sales in such a short period of time? The answer is right there inside the 5,001 Profit-Producing Emails package… get it RIGHT NOW:

GO HERE RIGHT NOW… don’t let everybody else get what should be YOURS!

I bought the Initial package myself for $9.07 on the dime sale and 2 upsells to complement the 5001 swipes – here’s an edited video clip of same.

P.S. I am adding 12 Video Courses as a Christmas Bonus that you can sell and use Matt’s emails to promote If you buy through my link you will be redirected to my download page. Its a killer deal and all for less than $16.00 now Crazy!

Click the link to find the current price.

Update – if you are arriving here after January 7th – too bad – so sad the dimesale is over and Matt’s 3 bonuses are no longer offered, HERE’s THE GOOD NEWS  the package is still heavily discounted and my Xmas bonuses are still in effect – that is untill I come to my senses – as every one of my 12 Xmas bonuses are easily worth $97.

Special 12 Days of Christmas Bonus

My Bonuses are  in addition to the 3 Bonuses Matt himself has added to the offer which are:

  1. “A 5 day followup sequence to Reactivate Cold Emails from the Dead”
  2. “How to Write Emails Faster if you don’t have a swipe file”

Listen to Matt Below Yourself:


GO HERE RIGHT NOW… don’t let everybody else get what could be YOURS!

Sincerely yours,

Leslie Maurice


As of Tuesday Morning   January 6 Target Price $97, Temporarily $17.95 approaching 5000+ units sold

Therefor it’s in your best interest to act now.Why? Because 1)  this is a Dime Sale! That means the price is rising
and 2) it ends tonight
Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get it sooner than later because…

…that’s the ONLY way you can guarantee you will get it and the bonuses at this
ridiculously low price!

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