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Top Notch Marketing Services for Businesses in Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Surrey,  the TriCity area and Vancouver

At MyBusinessBuilders, we offer a full array of marketing solutions based on our clients’ specific needs and objectives. We have the experience and expertise to use everything from cutting edge mobile marketing platforms and integrated social media launches to old school SEO and email campaigns.

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What We Can Provide Your Business

My Business Builders is a full-service online marketing firm serving individuals and businesses in lower mainland British Columbia, including including Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Surrey  the TriCity area and Vancouver. As your partner, we know how much you value your time. With our help, you can focus on the more important aspects of running your business. Before starting any campaign, we will first thoroughly study the ins and outs of your business.

Our marketing team having can then apply the precise marketing platform your business needs so that we exceed your expectations in achieving whatever objectives you define.

Some of the Marketing Platforms we Specialize in:

  • Increasing Customer Value Our team of experienced, innovative marketers identify the fastest and most effective ways to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, building strategies to increase both longevity and maximum spending. We have a deep well of experience in customer database management, lead scoring and other value-added strategies.
  • Retention Marketing We analyze existing customer base metrics to craft unique multi-platform campaigns to retain customers, reinforce brand loyalty, and promote bigger and more frequent spending actions.
  • Referral Marketing We understand that satisfied customers are often the best brand ambassadors for our clients. That’s why we craft referral marketing campaigns that make it easy for your customers to evangelize your brand to their social media contacts, family, and friends, so we can expand your base of loyal, enthusiastic customers.
  • Reactivation Marketing Recapturing lost business is one of the fastest and most effective ways to support the bottom line, so we team with our clients to identify and attract former customers and develop innovative ways to win them back.
  • Conversion Optimization We design highly effective platforms so that when new prospects encounter your brand, they can make genuine connections and increase conversion rates, so that they consistently exceed industry standards and those of your competitors.
  • Branding Our clients understand that their customers aren’t simply buying products and services, they are buying into their brand, therefore we focus on crafting our clients’ brands to achieve optimal brand loyalty within their industry.
  • Lead Generation Having started out as an SEO and traffic generation company, the ability to offer practical applications to create new leads for your business is in our DNA at MyBusinessBuilders. That includes funnel creation and optimization for optimal customer lifetime value.
  • Continuity Creation Our team of marketing professionals coordinates all the elements of your marketing message to achieve a consistent and memorable overall look, feel and taste for your company’s brand.
  • Software and Automation With a team of industry-leading web designers and engineers, we offer the technical expertise to deliver your branding message using the most advanced, cutting edge platforms available anywhere.
  • Internet Marketing Offering web-based marketing solutions for a wide range of industries, at MyBusinessBuilders we lead the field in cutting edge SEO, reputation marketing, content creation, email marketing and social media integration. We have a proven track record of integrating paid web-based marketing platforms, such as Facebook Ads, PPC and other media buys, into highly successful campaigns that enhance bottom line results.
  • Mobile Marketing From text campaigns to location-based mobile social networking, we can provide all the mobile marketing platforms you need from top to bottom. Our mobile coupons, 2D bar codes and iOS and Android apps lead the industry in design and connectivity, quickly building brand loyalty with the fastest growing marketing platform available today.
  • Website Creation From blogs to eCommerce, we’ve built our reputation on building high-quality, high-converting unique websites for our client base, including membership sites, landing pages, forums, video sales pages, animation-based websites, micro sites, squeeze pages and lead magnet sites, and many, many other formats.
  • Design Services Our web-based ads have won awards for their innovation and effectiveness. Whatever your needs, our team of highly-skilled web professionals create high-converting ads that deliver customers to your door, including banners ads, logos, promotional videos, bonus pages, opt-in forms, customized headers and footers, and every other design
  • Webinar Creation and Automation We understand that customers today are looking for more than just an interesting and entertaining website or print ad. They now demand an overall interactive experience with the products and services they buy. That’s why we specialize in integrating webinars and streaming video into many of the marketing packages we assemble.
  • Joint Venture Brokering With industry-leading clients in practically every industry and more than a decade of networking experience, the ability to connect our clients for synergistic, mutually beneficial marketing platforms is one of our strongest selling points.


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