Facebook Marketing Course

New Facebook Marketing Course

Dominate Facebook Today

By Tapping Into The Largest Social Network and Expose Yourself to A WinFall of Potential Clients and Customers

Training Videos
Companion Manual
Advanced Training Guide Plus Bonuses

This step-by-step Facebook and Training Course is going to show you step-by-step, how to safely skyrocket your business presence online in the shortest time possible!

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YES, you can Dominate Facebook Today!

This easy to follow training course will show you how to:

  • Position your online or offline business on the largest and most used Social Media Platform in the shortest time possible.
  • Quickly and safely grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business.
  • Productively interact with new and existing clients or customers to scale your business to a whole new level of success.

Nowadays, the success of your online or offline business depends not only on the quality of traffic to your website, but largely on the social recognition and interaction your business gets. You may have the best business, product or service in the world, but… if you don’t give the right social impression, your business could fail!

  • Would you like to get the most out of this one-of-a-kind Social Media Platform but you don’t know when or exactly how to use it?
  • Are you struggling to find a proven and trusted training course about Facebook (which is current and up to date for 2014)?
  • Perhaps you already have an important amount of Facebook followers, but don’t know exactly what to do with them to keep them engaged with your brand or service?

There are many important facts that most people are unaware of since Facebook started.
Do you realize for example that Facebook is by far the greatest social platform on the internet that is just beginning to come into its own in regard to business marketing potential?

  • There are over 1.25 Billion Potential Customers/Clients on Facebook
  • Over 500,000 people connect on Facebook every day
  • Every second 5 potential customers create a Facebook Profile
  • The Average Facebook User stays 20 minutes per visit
  • 510,000 comments are posted every minute, perhaps about your business?
  • 53% of shoppers have purchased something recommended from a friend on Facebook
  • The average spend from a Facebook link is over $100
  • 51% purchased from Facebook pages they ‘liked’
  • Using 2013 stats – each Facebook fan [like] is worth $175
  • 68% of marketers are saying Facebook ads are effective for fan and customer acquisition

Comprehensive Training Guide

Facebook Marketing Course Manual

This companion guide to our Dominate Facebook Today training videos reveals the exact 8 steps that you must implement in order to strongly and safely position your business on Facebook in the shortest time possible.

Use this companion guide to follow along with our video tutorials for easy learning so that you can truly Dominate Facebook!

This course comes complete with photo documentation inside of Facebook as well as multiple annotated illustrations so you know exactly what to do to properly promote and expand your professional presence using Facebook.

Quick Yet Thorough Video Tutorials

video training

Realizing that most people don’t know where to start since Facebook can be distracting, our videos quickly get you on track and give you a strategic business perspective. Watch as we give you an over the shoulder guide through the 8 step process so you can Dominate Facebook Today!

These Videos are designed to quickly move you through each step in our companion manual.

Advanced Training Guide and Bonuses

Facebook Advanced Marketing Course Manual

Reveals How To:

Get 10 Effective Facebook Marketing Tricks. ie: Discover How to use ‘Reveal tabs’ to guarantee ‘likes’; How to get an automatic ‘like’ when ever people click to your FB fan page.

Detailed Check List with easy-to-follow steps to ensure you utilize every single piece of advice taught in our Facebook training.

Detailed Mind Map gives an instant overview of every step you need to apply in order to truly Dominate Facebook with your marketing efforts!



Download Dominate Facebook Today and Discover These Marketing Tips And Tricks

  • A detailed explanation about Facebook Pages.
  • Some really great examples of successful Facebook Pages.
  • The most important step right before you start building a Facebook Page for your business.
  • The exact question you should be able to answer to choose the right approach for your business.
  • Some serious important advice on the exact moment of registering your Facebook Page Account.
  • How to avoid committing some terrible mistakes on creating your Cover Image.

This Detailed And Highly-Effective Training Course Will Also Reveal:

  • Tips on how to create a highly effective profile image.
  • Important tips that will get the most out of your ‘about’ section that even big corporations forget.
  • How to effectively use one of the most powerful functions that Facebook has invested millions of dollars on.
  • How to effectively use the top 5 posting activities that will help to virally spread your message out quickly.
  • The Safest Way to get as many likes as you want to your brand new Facebook Page..
  • And much more. . .

When you purchase the ‘Dominate Facebook Today, training course, you will also receive:


  • Cheat Sheet – valued at $27

This cheat sheet is a handy checklist that you can print out and use to easily take action at every step of the process.

It breaks up the whole training course into easy to follow steps so you can make sure to implement every single bit of advice taught in the training guide. This helps you track your progress and will definitely help you reach your goals.

  • Mind Map – valued at $37

This is a really cool mind map outlining the complete training that will give you an overview of every step you’re going to apply in a more summary fashion.

  • Advanced Training Guide – valued at $27

You will discover the advanced strategies that most successful marketers are using right now to Dominate Facebook Today!

  • Video Tutorials – valued at $197

It’s a well known fact that video training is easier to absorb that reading for many people. That is why we have included 10 step-by-step videos to complement the training guides. We could easily sell the video training course alone for $197, but we believe in delivering extreme value to all of our happy clients. That is why we are including everything in this Facebook Training Course – so you can truly Dominate Facebook Today!

This is a great chance for you to discover the best and most effective techniques you can use on Facebook on behalf of your business. How much would it cost you to get your business to be known by thousands of people in your home town? How much do you think you will spend doing so on Facebook? Let us tell you that you can do it 100% free.

The only thing you need to do is purchase this complete Facebook Training Course and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Save yourself the countless hours we have invested into this to create high-quality & high definition step-by-step video training especially for you and, for a lot less than the cost of a single video. It’s just as simple as that.

P.S. Remember, 8 simple steps are more than enough to position your businessinto a whole new level of success using the latest and most effective marketing techniques that take just minutes a day to apply.

You are getting everything up front – NO Up sells!

This includes the step-by-step Training Guide, Mind Map, the Advanced Training Strategies, the 10 high quality Video Tutorials and all the bonuses.

This Facebook Training Course will help you to:

  • Get your business noticed on Facebook today.
  • Set up your Facebook Business Fan Page safely and quickly.
  • Build your business ‘Brand’ in record time.
  • Gain massive exposure to targeted visitors.
  • Drive huge amounts of traffic to your business and offers.
  • Increase your online presence.
  • Make more money



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