Marketing Promotion

February Marketing Promotion

How would you like to:


Marketing Promotion Traffic Guarantee

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Our Year End Digital Marketing Promotion is designed

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Our Valentine’s Day Digital Marketing Promotion includes FREE services over $6,000 in value:

  • Brand Booster (establishing and expanding your brand presence online) $650.00
  • Free Facebook Marketing*……. $2700.00
  • Free Google Plus Marketing*… $0900.00
  • Free YouTube Marketing*…….. $1,800.00 // $6000.00 Total Plus
  • VIP Quarterly Reporting (so you can measure and monitor your success)

* You can substitute above social accounts with any of the following: Pinterest, Picasa, Blogger, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter Marketing.

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Our Valentine’s Day Marketing Promotion

This is an incredible promotion that could easily take care of all your marketing needs for 2015. It covers all three aspects of marketing that is most cost effective in creating leads and/or attracting prospective customers. All in all the added value as noted above is in excess of $6000 based on our normal fees.  If you are serious about taking you business  to the next level download our pdf.[OptinLink id=13] CLICK HERE [/OptinLink] to Get the Details Now – Performance Guarantee included!