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The Brand Booster – 2 Ways to Boost Your On-Site content

The Brand Booster is designed to immediately give you credibility on your website. Every Website Needs Good On-Site Content if it is going to be deemed good enough for search engines to direct free traffic to it. There are Two Really Effective Ways to do this:

  • One: Provide a Video in your site. We all know that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words. Well in today’s age of ‘Instant Gratification’, Video or moving pictures is even more effective . The power of YouTube is one testament to that. If you don’t have Video you are missing out on the most powerful way to engage potential clients or customers.
  • Two: Create A Blog. This is nothing more that a series of articles designed to capture the interest of your visitors.  Articles increase the likihood that visitors will stay on your site and convert into clients or buyers. Furthermore it gives your site more relevant content for the search engines to index. In effect this puts out more hooks into the internet that will subsequently direct even more visitors to your site.

We decided to shortcut this process for you by setting up a custom package that does both for your website – provide a video and a blog:

  • 5 Blog articles that clearly position your unique selling proposition on the topics as listed below AND
  • A video that reinforces your USP by giving 5 Reasons why people should do business with you. Click the link to view sample articles. Both the articles and the video will be customized to your particular business immediately giving your site a boost of quality content giving you a heads up on your competition. Contact us for a quote for your site.