Content Creation A Key Ingredient to Effective Internet Marketing

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Why is Content so important?

Search engine optimization othewise known as ‘SEO’ is one tool that drives traffic from search engines to a website.  Quality content is not just for readers. It is key to getting your website properly indexed by the search engines for terms that describe your goods or services.  SEO [search engine optimized] content creation is therefore a major consideration for online business owners and website designers.

Key Benefits:

  • Generate massive free, targeted traffic to your site through natural search queries
  • Attract, inform, engage, nurture and guide your targets into your sales funnel
  • Social media engagement and shares
  • Traffic and repeat-traffic
  • Lead generation (more sales)

Most internet users rarely go past the first 2 pages of search results. This makes professional SEO content creation such a big deal.  Outside of paid search SEO content creation is the only way to help your site show up on search results. Today in 2016 this is more important than ever before as paid search is crowding out natural search results giving you less opportunity for those coveted top spots.
A very important aspect of SEO content creation is uniqueness as this naturally ranks your website higher in a search engine search. It also helps you get the interest of internet users who are primarily  interested in fresh information. Its the old adage, “Old news is no news” that operates here.

Always give your reader a reason to come back, as they rarely buy in on first contact. This is why ‘Content is King’.

What to Look For in A Content Creation Provider:

Hire a company that offers professional content creation services. Hire one that creates fresh dynamic content for business websites and blogs and make sure they use native writers.

Internet users are usually particular about the usefulness of the information on the site or blog being quick to leave if they see fluff. This is the very reason you need the service of a professional content writer. This ensures you get quality SEO content creation services as opposed to the recycled write-ups that most sites contain. Fresh quality content makes a  website popular and unique. Users share quality content to their friends which results in more exposure for you website. More expsure, of course results in more sales.

Search Engines also track the number of visitors as one indication of quality content and thus serve you even more visitors. So don’t miss out on this opportunity for free traffic. And the best thing about this is that you are building an asset that perpetually drives free traffic to your website. Compare that to paid traffic which stops as soon you stop paying.

SEO content creation goes way beyond just posting articles on your website or blog.  Write blog posts with easily readable website content that is interesting to keep eye balls glued to your website until the very last word is read. And pay attention to what words you use so the search engines will index your content in accordance to what you are offering. Use Subheadings and short paragraphs to ensure readers do not get easily bored.

What is the easiest way to get quality content on your site?

Without a doubt, SEO content creation can be difficult especially for persons with little writing passion. It is therefore strongly advised that you hire a professional content writer to help you with your SEO content creation.
So if you want SEO optimized content, relax, you are only few clicks away from fulfilling your wish. MyBusinessBuilders has a team of professional SEO content writers that are native to the U.S., Europe and Asia. We provide all kinds of dynamic content services including; press releases, articles, sales pages, blogs, social networking etc. By using professional writers, you will gain the SEO advantage.  This will drive your website and online business the exposure and domination it deserves. This ensures you not only rank high above the competition, but you can also get the massive sales and profits that comes with quality, highly converting  content.

Let MyBusinessBuilders provide the compelling content that will engage your prospects, turning prospects into leads and leads into customers.

Our Content Creation Packages include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Press Releases & Articles
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Infographics
  • Etc

According to a Marketing Sherpa report in 2012, a good content marketing strategy leads to a 2,000% increase in blog traffic and a whopping 40% boost in revenue. Another study from Marketing Sherpa showed how a b2b firm with online content tailored to its audience segments increased organic search traffic by 55% and increased leads by 97%.

Remember, content is key – but high quality, search engine Optimized Content is King!

We understand that creating high-end content can sometimes be difficult for many people and can be a challenge to implement. Accordingly, we offer professional content writing services to help you produce the quality content your site deserves!

ADDED NOTE: In 2017 it become more and more obvious that our clients need a more comphrehensive approach – its not in the interests of our client to just offer these services seperately as its the combination of services theat gives expodential results. To optimize your web presence here in is a sample report of what we do for our clients combining both ONSITE and OFFSITE SEO with SOCIAL MEDIA Optimization [Content Creation is A Vital Aspect of All Three].

Email us or Make an Appointment to find out how our Content Creation Services can help your business grow.

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