Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

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Do You Need More Leads & New Customers?

Let’s face it; if you are a business owner, you cannot survive without a steady flow of new leads and new customers! If you are an internet marketer, you are aware that the competition in the online marketing world is really tough. Maybe you have tried PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising in the past, but found that it was very costly and the results were not what you may have expected. Many people have lost small fortunes trying to learn PPC Advertising and went broke in the end anyway. That is why it is very important you hire the right internet marketing company with years of successful PPC campaign experience.

If you are not interested in PPC, or perhaps do not have the advertising budget, we can do it for you with our new lead generation program, where you only pay for leads delivered and not hundreds of possible clicks per day with no ROI.

Pay Per Lead Program

MyBusinessBuilders has developed a proprietary lead generation service called “Pay Per Lead”. In this case, you only pay for fresh, unique leads delivered directly to your website or office phone number. These are not bulk leads purchased from some lead broker. We generate the leads ‘live’ solely on behalf of ‘Your Company’ through our years of successful PPC experience and our other proprietary methods.

You will need to Contact Us to see if your business qualifies for this new lead generation program.
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