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local business marketing

Local Business Marketing and Advertising Services is All About Creating a ‘Local Buzz’

Local Business Marketing is all about generating a ‘Buzz‘ in your local area about your product or service. There are several ways to create a Buzz about your business. This can be done through small business marketing and social media marketing. It can be done though directory listings and b2b marketing. It can be done through reputation management, online reviews and check-ins. All this when combined with many other local promotions results in increased website traffic, more leads, more sales and more customers!
Its a fact, it doesn’t mattter whether you are a small business or a large corporation, targeted local marketing and advertising can drastically improve your customer base. My Business Builders is proud to be one of the few internet marketing agencies that provide a true local marketing business service. Go ahead and set an appointment and find out how we can optimize your business presence in your local area.

Nowadays, catering to the search engines have become the major focus of every competitive website. Consequently, local business marketing and advertising services have also become some  essential necessities of companies operating their business online. In fact digital marketing as of 2016 has become the largest industry second only to Health Care. The competition is getting up to speed. Today ensuring a constant ‘local buzz’ in your community makes it easier to achieve your business goals.

ADDED NOTE: In 2017 it become more and more obvious that our clients need a more comphrehensive approach – its not in the interests of our client to just offer these services seperately as its the combination of services theat gives expodential results. To optimize your web presence here in is a sample report of what we do for our clients combining both ONSITE and OFFSITE SEO with SOCIAL MEDIA Optimization [local business marketing being  just one component of offsite seo].

Local Business Marketing Preparation

We make sure that everything is set up before we even launch a local campaign to market your website. This is very effective particularly if you are just starting to put up a new business online. Even if your intent is just to market locally, we make sure that you will achieve your advertising and business marketing goals. We do this through the quality of backlinks and citations that we are going to provide through our Local Business Services.

Business Marketing for Local Businesses

Our first step is to provide our clients a free marketing consultation. We do this because in our mind it does not serve you to sell you something you don’t need. And in order to have an advanced knowledge on how we are going to help you it makes sense to interview you first. To do anything else verges on being unethical. For our clients, we always give them an actual situation and cite certain websites that can effectively help the visibility of their website to increase. We also aim to make your website convenient and interesting for your site visitors by encouraging them to become part of your website. Consequently through this interaction you are more likely to create a local buzz about your business.

Grand Opening for Your Local Business Marketing and Advertising

We always guide our clients when it comes to the quality and appeal their website has for people. Hence, part of our local business marketing services centers on how to cost effectively expose your website to people online in your local area. We ensure that your business website would be listed in the local search engine rankings. This encourages  people to visit your website to get to know more on the business or services you may be offering.

Advertising services for your business

We always consider unique advertising strategies for your website through our efficient advertising campaigns. We always ensure that you have several advertising choices to choose from. We will be using ads from a pool of ads which are considered to be highly effective and relevant to your business.





Why Do You Need Local Business Marketing?

Did you know that local search has grown by 144% between 2009 to 2012? Local listings and business marketing as on Google Places, Bing Local, Facebook Places and Foursquare are geographically targeted and relevant to ‘your’ local customers. Consequently our Local Business Services capitalizes on local directory listings search. It provides us an opportunity to promote you through customer reviews, check-ins and other promotions. All designed to increase your business’s visibility and to help induce a viral effect in your local area. Its in your best interest  to ensure a constant local buzz about your business.

With Local Business Marketing You can Generate a buzz locally to increase your sales and your customer base! Get a Local Business consultation now!

Local Buzz is the Future in Local Business Marketing

The recent and rapid increase in mobile devices and tablet usage has drastically changed local search and purchasing behavior. Consequently this has made it easy for  consumers to use their mobile devices to search on-the-fly for relevant information found in their local area. A local marketing strategy could be the difference between your potential customers dropping by to purchase from you or your competitor. Consider this, if 70% of your potential visitors are using mobile devices then why aren’t you using local marketing strategies to bring them in your door?

What We Do? – Local Business Services

Here are just some of the Local Business Marketing and Advertising Services we provide:

  • Business Listing Research: Duplicated business listings confuse both consumers and the search engines. Not being found on local listings is much worse. So, we first research the status of your business in all your local web directories. We then ensure that all your social accounts are properly optimized and verified.
  • Local Mobile “Check In” Visibility:  We publish your local mobile check-in promotions to your Facebook Places, Foursquare and Google Places accounts. This then will encourage more check-ins resulting in more business in addition to strengthening your local visibility.
  • Image Creation and Optimization,
  • Publications in relevant directories,
  • Customized Citation Building,
  • Review Online Publications and Promotion Creation,
  • Promotions and other Special Events via Social Updates.
Therefore create a Local Buzz for your product or service by relying on services that our company provides. This is very important as a successful local business is one that is conveniently visible to people in your local area. In otherwords, it’s all about making it easy to be found in your local market! Now we understand businesses come in all shapes and sizes, therefore to serve you we have 5 levels of local marketing service depending on your needs, your budget and your growth goals.

womanInquire about our Local Business Services, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT,  or send us a message through our ‘contact usform or call us at 604-200-7787.

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