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Online reputation management (ORM) is one of the major things that you must consider for your business. Most online businesses today are utilizing online reputation management in a practuve way due to the helpful and reliable benefits that results. It can also help them in managing their small online business and in dealing with those issues that most business owners encounter today. Aside from that, it can provide great support in building and tracking the online reputation of your business.
There is no mechanism to regulate or to ensure fairness about positive or negative reviews online. Anybody can say anything about you online and the reality is there is little you can do about it. Online Reputation Management as a strategy ensures that positive reviews dominate the negative to your benefit.

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Many people and businesses Google themselves these days because they know that they are also being Googled. If you Google yourself and don’t like what you see, do you know what to do? Well, what you see is what your prospects and customers are also seeing. You may decide not to act on the negative comments about you or your business. However your prospects and customers may not be as forgiving. Current Fact: 80% of people surveyed changed their purchasing decision due to a bad review they saw online. With competition fiercer than ever, many businesses are realizing that Online Reputation Management has to be proactive not reactive.

Benefits of Reputation Management

These are some real benefits provided by online reputation – both positive and preventative.

When you start to manage your business reputation online, one gains a higher search engine ranking. These higher ranking tend to drive down other sites where some people like hackers might post lots of comments, make blog posts, offer competition, make fake complaints, and post unnecessary videos. In this case, utilizing reputation management is really a great thing. Because aside from gaining the benefits of a higher ranking  it can also give great protection to your website.

You can utilize online reputation in several ways which include seeking job opportunities, investors, dates, selling high quality products, and even in enhancing your website on order to get more visibility in the search engine sites. The people who care about online reputations are stock holders, consumers, personal contacts, marketers, co-workers, journalists, business partners, and prospective employers.

Today, most small and online business owners don’t give much importance in being in the very first or even in the second page of a Google search. However in their own internet searches they rarely look past the first couple of pages. Being visible in a search engine search is a big deal and anything you can do to ehances your ranking in an internet search including Reputation Management is huge. You can easily make your website visible in search engines like MSN, Google, and Yahoo through applying significant information about:

  • Your company
  • Your brand/s
  • Your product/s
  • Your name
  • Your usernames or handles
  • Your high profile workers or employees

Reputation Management Services

Due to the impressive benefits and function of online reputation, there are lots of marketing and advertising companies today offering it to online business owners. And because there are lots of them, as an online businessman, you will surely have difficulties in searching for the best one. Some companies are offering low quality of reputation management and some companies have well trusted and reliable online reputation. You should always go for the company that offers a high standard of online reputation management so that you will no regrets or disappointments.

There are also lots of well trusted companies today that offer a high standard of reputation management, so you can be confident that you will find one that will suit your needs. You must still be careful in choosing the finest one in order to avoid making mistakes. In addition to that, you will never experience difficulties because today it is much more managable.



What is Online Reputation Management?

Your businesses online reputation is very important. With the ever-growing population searching the internet to evaluate businesses, bad comments and reviews about your business can negatively affect your target market’s purchasing decision. Therefore, it is critical to monitor and manage your online reputation and implement a plan of action. The goal is to counter any possible negative material and, proactively act to produce positive material about you, your brand, your business, and your products/services.

Why Monitor Your Online Reputation

According to recent studies:

78% of internet users conduct product research online and 80% had a change in purchase decision after seeing a negative review online. Your business therefore can be at the mercy of many online commentaries – and you can also use these to your advantage! Online reputation management allows you to immediately respond to any negative comments the moment they appear online. Proactive ORM also allows you to further optimize positive reviews about your business. The result,  all the favorable reviews will dominate search results, pushing down negative ones in the process.

Further, 44% of online adults have searched for information about someone whose services or advice they seek in a professional capacity, like a doctor, lawyer, or plumber. You can also use ORM to give these online searchers a great “first impression”.

Get an online Reputation Management consultation now to protect your business and to NOT allow detractors to slow you down!

What We Do? – Online Reputation Management Services

  • Review Building – We will collect and continually post positive reviews about your product, service, or business online. These reviews are always posted in authoritative web locations. Consequently positive review surpass negative reviews in the search results. Our focus is to “push down” negative reviews and to ‘highlight’ positive comments about you or your business.
  • Social Media Profile Creation and Optimization – We will set up your social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, we can create a personal profile or a business page. We can then optimize your accounts with tweets, page updates, by joining groups and by participating in discussions. We can customize your social network account URL in accordance with your branding initiatives.
  • Social Media Boosting – Imagine SMO profile creation and optimization on steroids. This is our recurring service that will ensure all your social accounts will be rich with activity meant to improve your online reputation. Apart from updates, groups, and discussions, we can also acquire friends, followers and Fan Page likes for you.
  • Other services like Research and Analysis, Competitor Backlink Analysis and Content Generation are part of our ORM effort. We analyze your current online web accounts. We create a customized campaign to best utilize what you already have in place for branding purposes. Based on this analysis we create additional blogs and micro-sites to dominate any natural  search engine results.
Be confident that prospects always see the best of you and your business online.  For 2017 we have greatly enhanced our ORM services. Giving 3 Different levels of Attack depending on the severity.
womanMake an appointment,  Send us a message now or call us at 604-200-7787 to inquire about our Online Reputation Management services.

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