Press Release Services

press release services

Press Release Services

Press release submissions if done correctly usually get syndicated to news sites and news sites have very high authority and are considered the best source of back links and traffic according to Google.

To do it effectively one needs to submit to a highly ranked Press Release Service that has a high PR and Alexa Rating and have first page rankings just so that your press submitals will get seen when certain search terms are typed in by news reporters. Then if they find your news report interesting they will republish it or if the news service already has an syndication feed in place they will republish it.

Sound complicated, well don’t worry we will properly format your press release and submit the spintax that press release sites require using our proprietory software that automates the whole process. What this means to you is that you will instantly have thousands of news links posted on Press Release Sites that will point to your website or webpage driving traffic to your website or web page whenever you like. The reason for this is that Google loves press Release Sites as the content is always fresh and creates interest and therefore more eyeballs for its advertisers. Google thus rewards them with high rankings for people using search terms related to whats been published.  Getting your news releases on these site means that what you post will get noticed by literally thousands if not millions of people. the spin off is traffic that is potential clients following the press release links to your website or any page you wish to draw attention to.

Press Releases are what big companies use all the time to drive traffic to their sites. The only deterrent to the rest of us is the cost – just one press release form a site like PRweb can typically cost $100.  Frankly its not fair that big companies with big budgets are coming in an buying traffic that was once affordable to everyone if you were in the know. For our clients we implemented a program where we can pass on significant saving to you.  Compare below:

press release service comparison


So if you need instant traffic and want to target even more customers to do business with you, then consider our Press Release Services. There is no need to think about the amount of the money it may cost because the only thing that really matters is the great Return on Investment that it can bring to you and your business.

So go ahead and Expose Yourself – To Targeted Customers – what are you waiting for?

Simply send us a message now or call us at 604-200-7787 to learn more about how we can start increasing your website traffic and your bottom line today!

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