SEO Or Search Engine Optimization is All About Making Sure Your Business Site Stucture and Content index properly. You might ask why? Well if your website is properly indexed for the search engines, people are then more likely to find what you are offering.  Search Engines like ‘Google’ are the equilvalent to what used to be the ‘Yellow Pages’ in the phone book. They categorize and index your site so they may better serve people looking for information. To facilitate proper indexing SEO is the art of structuring your web site accordingly.  This dramatically increases the probability that when people do an internet search your website will be at the top of any free search listings. If you have not yet implemented Search Engine Optimization you are definitely missing out on free targeted traffic!

“There’s really not much point in having a website without SEO, as no one will be able to find it.”

Through our proprietary optimization techniques we optimize your website so that you will stand out from the crowd. You will not only achieve top search engine rankings from Google but most other search engines as well. So if you are looking for cost effective ways to reach your target market  search optimization is still the best investment for long term success. Once you build an internet presence through SEO it will continue to provide you business leads for years to come.

We Can Help

So Do You want to  increase your search engine rankings and visibility on ‘All’ Search Engines? Do You Want the Resultant Free traffic? And thus more leads, more customers and more sales?

Well let us help you through our SEO and SEM [Search Engine Marketing] services. Here’s a Sample Report of what we are doing for 2017

Serving both local and international clients we are located in BC Canada’s lower mainland,  Abbotsford, Langley, Mission and the Vancouver area, bordering Washington State.

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Why You Need SEO Today!

All businesses seek more leads that they can convert leads to customers. Recent surveys indicate that search engine optimization ranks among the highest in importance for fresh sources of leads. In a recent study,  top SEO ranked sites received a grade of 94% . Social Media compares at 85%. Email Marketing compares at 79% and Blogs compares at 68%. Other studies further indicate that the amount of search engine marketing implemented by businesses is directly proportionate to the conversion rate and traffic they get. Most businesses doing basic seo only get about a 2% conversion rate.

This dramatically increases when the business site moves up to more advanced and long term optimized marketing strategies – increasing to a whopping 10% conversion rate on average! [ See slideshow link below for source information].

Search Engine Optimization Services

Are you looking for the best and most effective search optimization services that will boost the visibility of your website? In the most convenient and most efficient way possible? Well then, you need not worry anymore since our search engine optimization services will conveniently and effectively address all your entire website’s visibility needs. Just make an appointment.

Itemized Results Reported In Real Time

SEO is an effective process that aims to improve not only the visibility of your site, but also the website ranking on the top of the search engines. As a professional Search Engine Marketing Company we are geared to help you improve the ranking of your website in various search engines. We will help modify and optimize your site to give you the best search engine rankings possible! Not only that – we will itemize what we do – track the results – and give you access to online reporting.

To optimize your web presence here in is a sample report of what we are doing for our clients in 2017! This new approach  combines both ONSITE and OFFSITE SEO WITH SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION.   This strategic approach combines services that we in 2016 were offering seperately. Its the combination that leads to dramatic results.

Dominate Your Market Place with Effective SEO Services

In order to be effective in your internet marketing you need a whole range of services. Any one thing is really not going to do it against stiff competition. However any one thing done will in combinaton will expodentially increase website traffic. You can take advantage of our wide range of internet marketing services. All are designed to maximize your online visibility and create brand awareness. We aim to create maximum visibility and branding for our clients. All the services we offer are going to provide what you need for results!

  • Web development and design

We provide development and design services that allow search engines to properly index your site. This attracts the interest of internet users so they visit and are sticky enough so they stay on your website increasing the likihood for conversions.  Our seo experts also make sure that any changes we  apply on your website are uniquely developed, designed and optimized so to present your site as an authority site. The intent: to get your website on the top of the search engine rankings in the shortest time possible.

  • Backlink removal and building services

We are also provide backlink services to boost the visibility of your website through the backlinks we create for you. Backlinks are simply links on other sites that link to your website. Our team are highly specialized when it comes to building your website rankings. We carefully craft a plethera of referral links all over the net that point to your website. Enhansing this we monitor the progress of your website including the analysis of all current backlinks. So if there is a problem with previous backlinks we also initiate backlink removal services. This cleans up anything that could harm your website rankings.  Search engines when they index your website pre-qualify it before referring traffic. The health of your website reputation as such is absolutely critical.

Servicing and Enhancing Your Visibility and Credibility

  • Marketing Strategies

MyBusinessBuilders also aims to provide our clients with marketable and optimized websites.  This enables your website to gain a huge number of customers. We drive more traffic and customers to your website through the combination of the different marketing strategies we offer. In other words we make sure that you will overtake your competition in your market place.

  • Reputation Management and Site Listings

We make sure that our clients will be recommended by selected review sites.  Your site will also be in the listing services that are most beneficial for the reputation of your website. All businesses have to deal with bad reviews. To deal with it we, on one hand have ways to remove negative reviews that will just destroy the visibility and credibility of your website. On the other hand, we implement proven strategies to enhance your reputation.

  • Content writing services

Its not only quality content but SEO optimized content that will greatly help your website show up in any search result. We provide content writing services that aim to give your website highly optimized written content.

  • Email advertising

Email marketing is an important service that needs proper execution and strategy especially when it comes to online advertising. To keep on top of mind with your cliente you need ways to keep in touch through all phases of the sales cycle. Using on one scenerio you are lucky if 2% of your visitors convert into customers but what about the other 98%? Do you have strategies in place that deal with the 98% who leave your website? Email marketing is only one way to reach them but an extremly effective one.



Why Google Search?

My Business Builders uses the best and the latest search optimization strategies that strictly adhere to Google’s most recent algorithms. Approximately 91% of people on the internet use search engines frequently. Google still dominates the search engine arena with a commanding 66.80% market share. Therefore if you can dominate your website rankings in Google, you will also dominate the other major search engines.

White Hat SEO

Unlike other freelancers and seo marketing agencies, we use strictly ‘white hat’ search optimization strategies. Google and most other search engines will penalize ‘black hat’ or other automated or dubious optimization efforts; like spamming, keyword stuffing, automated link building and URL cloaking. In fact, all of our seo and sem methodologies abide by the latest Google algorithm updates. The result your site will safely draw more and more free traffic over time building you a valuable marketing tool that only will get better with age. Fast Results using what is termed ‘Black Hat’ or Grey Hat’ techniques may seem impressive in the short term.  It may make your marketing company seem like heros in the short term but it is likely to get your site banned by the Search Engines – that’s not us.

“Slow and Steady” as in Aesops Parable, “Wins the Race”. SEO is an effective long term strategy. In 2017 it still has the highest return of investment but it needs to be done consistently and strategically over time. Do you have a long term SEO strategy in place?

What We Do – SEO Services

MyBusinessBuilders utilizes complex guidelines and other proprietary techniques in the design, structure, coding and content creation. This includes the internal and external linking of your website. Our First Step: in-depth research on the most relevant keywords or search queries that your prospects would likely search for. We then review the data to see where the greatest volumn of search inquires are coming from. Consequently we restructure your website and create content accordingly. This results in more targeted leads and customers for your business!

womanContact us to determine what level of service will be most appropiate to your situation. Make an appointment here.

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