facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing: Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users and is still growing every day. Most of your prospects are on Facebook and they need to see your optimized profile and fan pages that reflect your brand. They want to see your business’s information. They also want to see that there is a real human behind the business and so they are expecting status posts, messages, comments and reviews. We will ensure that your social media accounts are active and well-maintained.

Social media optimization is an ongoing, intensive marketing effort. It requires hours daily of posting and interacting with potential prospects. SMO can be a full-time job on its own so you may want to consider leaving it to the internet marketing professionals. Don’t let SMO distract you from your main business. There are 3 Marketing Options which varies with the intensity or frequency of your campaign.

Start the process by ordering the Facebook Setup and then click the link below for further instructions. The setup period will take a couple of weeks to set up and then we can start your monthly marketing campaign. If you wish to contact us first set up an appointment here.

After Payment Confirmation Details will be posted below for your information. Click HERE after Payment.

Facebook Marketing Setup: [stripe name=”MyBusinessBuilders” description=”FB-SU” amount=”32000″ currency=”USD” payment_details_placement=”below”]
FaceBook Marketing -Kick Start Small Campaign Monthly [stripe name=”MyBusinessBuilders” description=”FB-S” amount=”26000″ currency=”USD” payment_details_placement=”below”]
FaceBook Marketing -Kick Start Medium  Campaign Monthly [stripe name=”MyBusinessBuilders” description=”FB-M” amount=”52000″ currency=”USD” payment_details_placement=”below”]
FaceBook Marketing -Kick Start Large Campaign Monthly [stripe name=”MyBusinessBuilders” description=”FB-L” amount=”78000″ currency=”USD” payment_details_placement=”below”]