Website Audit

A website audit of your site is the first essential step for proper search engine optimization.

What is a Website Audit?

A Website audit is a complete website analysis that will measure, report and analyze the primary factors which may be affecting the ranking of your website in search engines. Our site audit will take an in-depth look at the website design and structure, page and link errors, page title, meta description, load speed, backlinks analysis (in-bound & out-bound), URL Architecture, duplicate content analysis, relevant targeted keyword analysis and much more. When the website audit is complete, you will get a list of recommendations and required actions you must take in order to improve your search engine rankings.

MyBusinessBuilders always recommends the audit service prior to starting any type of optimization campaigns for your website. When you are investing in any online marketing campaigns, particularly SEO, it is imperative you have an in-depth analysis of your website so we can fix any issues prior to commencing any SEO, SMO, PPC or SEM campaigns.

Why Do You Need a Website Audit Report?

Your website is the core foundation of any online marketing strategy including; SEO, PPC, SEM or SMO.  All of these strategies direct traffic back to your site. A faulty website could result in flushing all your marketing efforts down the drain. An in-depth site audit, followed by appropriate actions on the other hand, prevents this from happening. A website audit is a necessity if you want to determine the functionality of your site in the eyes of the search engine spiders. Without it, you will never know why you can’t get your site to rank in the search engines.

A site audit is also the first step in recovering from the latest Google updates. With search engines rolling out 500 – 600 algorithm changes every year, it is crucial to get a “health checkup” for your website annually.

Imagine this: One day you are on Page 1 of Google. The next day your site is nowhere to be found.  You don’t even realize what hit you – but it hit you hard. This scenario happens quite frequently, and in most cases, business owners are left in the dark wondering what happened. When you conduct a Website Audit Report, you will know what happened and why.

What Does Website Audit Measure?

The website audit by MyBusinessBuilders internet marketing agency will assess the overall performance of the website. The most significant factors of the website audit are the nominal part. The site can be filled with rich content and have a poor ranking in the search engine; this is where the nominal part of website audit can help you. These measure:

  1. The lucidity of the website blog as well as the code used in the development of the website. The website audit will determine if the code is search engine optimization friendly or not. This helps the agency to remove any useless code, thus improving the online presence.
  2. Technically, part of the audit also measures the time that the website page loads. Even when no proof is found to determine that this can affect the rankings, the optimization website provider may believe that may be the issue.
  3. Easy to navigate. Though the process of navigation is not assessed by the SEO audit, it as assessed through potential clients. A website that is hard to navigate will result in less visitors returning and less time spent on the site. o
  4. Websites URL: it is very essential that the URL of your website is not too long or has any odd characters. If you want an efficient URL, try to incorporate keywords in it.

The Advantages of a Site Audit Done by an Expert Website Analysis Provider

Optimization Website Keywords: The Search engine audit report provided by a reliable company will suggest the selection of relevant keywords which are associated to the products and website’s services.

The most excellent URL structure: The audit report will also give the company details about the website URL as well as how you may be able to optimize it.

The website audit will show the right way the content must be organized in order to obtain the best rankings. Agencies offering optimization website services will know precisely how to address this issue.

Return on investment (ROI) and the target market: a proper and reliable website audit will give you details about what the target market is right now, and how to maximize your site’s visibility to get the desired audience,

When it comes to website audit reports, you have to approach the right Internet Marketing Service Company. They are the leading SEO audit service provider with many years of experience. They have already assisted many companies to become successful in this endeavor. Read the following PDF for more information: Audit-1



Google Algorithm Updates

In addition to being better prepared to implement a search engine optimization campaign, getting a website audit will also help to protect your site from Google’s ongoing algorithm changes. Google is continuously changing their algorithms to provide the best user experience in regards to search engine results by continuously improving quality and relevance.

Two of Google’s recent major algorithms are called Panda and Penguin. To date, there has been 25 Panda updates since 2011 and, 3 Penguin updates since 2012. These have affected 41.4% of search queries. Panda updates are generally targeting websites with low quality content, while Penguin updates are targeting web spam. Stay ahead of the seo game and have MyBusinessBuilders conduct an audit report on your website.

A Website Audit Report will provide you with peace of mind by knowing you’re SEO efforts won’t go down the drain and that you’re website will be compliant with any algorithm updates. Send us a message now or call us at 604-200-7787 so we can begin to audit your website today or Buy Now.

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