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Is Your Website Design Mobile Responsive?

Website design and development can be a daunting task for most business owners. There are several critical issues that must be addressed – if you want your website to rank in the top of the search engine results.

First and foremost – you must have a great user experience with a friendly user interface and a specific call to action. Without it there is not much point in having a website at all if it will not convert visitors to new business.

Aside from a proper page layout and easy navigation, you must have a proper keyword structure in place. This is now more important than ever with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Also, consider this, approximately 70% of internet users are presently using mobile devices and tablets to access information on the internet. This means your site should definitely be ‘mobile responsive’. If your website isn’t mobile compatible you could be losing out big time. Two out of every three potential customers are landing on mobile friendly sites. Just recently Google came out an annoucement that they will soon stop sending traffic to any site that is not mobile friendy. The writing is on the wall – contact us and let’s take care of this for you. Not sure if your website is mobile responsive? Check it out here

Expand your Company’s Reach by ensuring your site has a Mobile Responsive Website Template.


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Website Designs for the FUTURE

Your website (including your social media sites) are your face-to-the-public and your global business card. If you don’t take them seriously, your potential customers most likely won’t either. From the time a visitor arrives on your website, you have less than 7 seconds to capture their attention. They either continue to view your content or, they may immediately bounce to your competitors site. This is quite likely especially if your website is not mobile responsive. In this case, today you could be losing out on 70% of potential new customers. Tomorrow, when Google carries through with their stated intentions to stop taffic to non mobile friendly sites – likely 100%. Accordingly, you can not afford to overlook our professional web design and development services using the latest responsive templates and platforms.


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What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

A mobile responsive site is one that will properly display on all the new tablets, smart phones, laptops and other mobile devices. MyBusinessBuilders is a premium web design and development company. We specialize in building customized, mobile responsive website designs using the latest templates on the WordPress Platform. You can view our most popular templates here. We can also customize any template to suit your unique specifications.

Why You Must Have a Mobile Responsive Site?

The main benefit is immediate access to potentially 70% more visitors that can properly view your website. The latest studies indicate that 72% of smartphone owners have made a purchase from their tablet or smartphone, based on an online search. If your website won’t display correctly for tablet and smartphone users, they will most likely end up going to your competitors website. Here in 2016, mobile device users easily outnumber desktop users and that number is geometrically growing. By ensuring your site design template is mobile friendly now, you are enabling your company to respond to the growing mobile demand.

WordPress is our Platform of choice for Mobile Site Applications

WordPress has an awesome content management system (CMS) making it easy for you to change content. It is also totally customizable. It is very SEO friendly and is very easy for all our clients to update. WordPress itself is the largest open source web design platform on the internet. This translate into way more features and plugins available than any other site design platforms today. Plugins and features which mean you don’t need custom designers to add different functionality to your website. You just add in the appopiate plugin. If you want to build your site once and have 100% assurance that it will always remain up to date, then you definitely want your website designed and built on the WordPress platform.

MyBusinessBuilders – Summary of our Website Design Services

  • WordPress standard theme-based web designs – View dozens of templates under our Portfolio’ tab.
  • Customized site designs – We can customize any site to suit specifications including eCommerce websites.
  • Many mobile responsive website design themes to choose from.
  • Installation, Configuration and Customization – We can install and configure the latest versions of WordPress on your web server as well as generate your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and CMS access. Based on our initial consultation with you, we will ensure that an appropriate WordPress layout and web design is chosen that will conform to the intended purpose and primary function of your website.
  • Graphic Design and Mockup – Following the content and design analysis, we can also provide website design mockups (for custom websites) and source relevant images and graphics. We always ensure that the images are visually appealing, relevant and will complement the overall web page layout as well as the content.
  • We can also provide other site services like setting up your contact forms, auto responders, newsletters, email configuration and scheduled website backups.

Does your Company require a professional and mobile responsive website design? Send us a message or call us now at 604-200-7787 to ensure you have the latest responsive site design!

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