News Flash: Google Search is Now Pay for Play

ByLes December 18, 2019

Free Google Search Results Have Moved to Page Two

Google has been gradually introducing a new wrinkle to search results. The progression from free search to paid search is now virtually complete. Initially, free search results were at the top of a Google search with ten paid ad spots on the left. Then to accommodate the mobile phone’s narrow display, 3 paid ads placed on top of the free search results. Thus making competition for those spots much more expensive. Then Google introduced Google Maps. This forced the natural search results down even further. And now, Google has rolled out LSA or Local Service Ads – soon coming to a location near you. All-natural Search or free search results will soon only be found on page two. You might as well say that paid search is now the only way to go OR is it?

Forget Google Search

Instead of getting or enticing prospective clients to find you, what if you simply find them? You wouldn’t need a presence on social media, you wouldn’t even need a website, and you wouldn’t have to compete with your competition for a pricey spot on page one of an internet search.

For example: Imagine a restaurant sending a tempting lunch offer at 11 am to the mobile phones of all office workers within a 5-mile radius.

Or imagine a real estate office sending to all prospective ‘executive home’ buyers in his local area an offer to cover their moving expenses.

What if there was a system that would allow you that type of ‘Pin-Point’ marketing and be free from the monopoly Google has on paid and natural search.

You wouldn’t then have to waste ads by presenting them to non-buyers. You subsequently would get higher conversions for less money and you would not have to compete for a limited number of spots.  There is such a system and it is cheaper than any other type of paid traffic. You pay wholesale, not retail ad rates. And there is an even bigger plus. You don’t have to invest the years of effort and the money, it takes to build traffic and create a list using social media and pay per click.

Access Potential Customers Directly without being held hostage by Going Through A Third Party Like Google Search

It is not an understatement to say that the internet landscape is dominated by Google, but if you discount the search engines and introduce ‘Big Data, there is a more equal playing field for small business.

When it comes to ‘display advertising’ it only controls somewhere between 20 and 30% of market share. With its acquisition of ‘Double Click’ it is only 1 out of 100+ ad exchanges. This means that with Google display ads you are only reaching a small portion of your potential customers. But if you tap into what all the other ad aggregators have you can virtually reach 97% of your potential market.

RTB – Real Time Bidding

The Data aggregators collectively pool data on all traffic on the net making it a prospectors gold mine. Tap into this data through an RTB platform and the benefits are multi-fold:

  1. It allows us to research and target the demographic and geographic traits that specifically define our clients’ customers;
  2. Rather than be limited to one display ad network such as Google with 20-25% market reach we expand that to 95% coverage of what’s available in any geographic area;
  3. We bid on ad placements in virtually all networks directly paying wholesale costs without having to pay retail through a third party like Google. We thus are in a position to pass on significant savings on your ad spend;
  4. Plugging into big data means you have direct market access to potential clients in virtually all of the various social networks such as Linkedin and Facebook.

P.S. Since Microsoft acquired Linkedin, all of Linkedin’s database is now part of ‘Big Data’. Now you should know that plugging in a B to B Linkedin Network is approximately 2x our normal wholesale ad cost. This is still a good deal as B to B purchases are typically 10 to 100x B to C and are thus more valuable. Even so, our system still outperforms PPC at roughly half the cost right across the board although some niches work better than others.

What we are offering here changes the game board dramatically for small and medium-sized business. If you wish to know more contact us here

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