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Are Hundreds Leaving Your Store Each Day?

Probably not, but this is what is happening daily on your website.
We get them back for you!

Only 2% of first time visitors convert to a sale...what about the other 98%?
That is where we come in....

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If you are not RETARGETING, you are losing your best prospects who are leaving your site.

"Retargeting has proven that customers are 70% are more likely to complete a purchase as compared to non-retargeted customers!" - MOZ

Fact: only about 2%

of website visitors convert on the first visit. Retargeting keeps your brand top-of-mind giving you a second, third, or forth chance for a sale. Lets say someone left your site to look at a competitors only to see later an ad from you offering A COUPON FOR 5% OFF or ANOTHER ENTICEMENT. So where do you think they will go? That's the power of retargeting!

Keep In Touch

Keep in touch with customers and visitors throughout the year, promote an anniversary sale or special event where ever they are online!

How Does This Work?

Here is a quick video explaining how this can work for your company.

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It All Begins With a Little Pixel

Retargeting pixels are tiny...but powerful!

Once someone visits your website, you can then reach out to them all over the Internet on other websites to encourage them to come back. This is powerful to know you can be in front of those who have shown interest in the past. This also works good for buyers, to show them a different message to incentivize them to buy again.

Get In Front of Your Customers

Customers need to learn more about you!

By keeping your brand in front of visitors, they have a chance to come back to learn more about you. Statistics show people need to have 6-8 interactions with your company before they will consider purchasing, or reaching out to your company. Getting them to come back with an enticing Ad dramatically increases your chances for a sale! AND not only are retargeting ads higher converting they also are 10x cheaper than regular ads.

Improve Online Sales / Conversions

Customers need to be reminded to buy!

Did you know that 37% of retargeted customers appreciate being reminded to come back? People are busy and increasingly distracted. By having these gentle reminders, those who would have converted if not distracted, come back and buy from you.

Perfect For Local Businesses

All local businesses benefit, Dentists, HVAC, Chiropractors

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Perfect for E-Commerce

Segment your audience and display banners that match interests

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Perfect for Restaurants

Remind them of the wonderful experience they had last time...and to come again.

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Perfect for Big Data

Branding and advertising is the name of the game for big business!

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What our awesome clients say

great words from people who know
I've been marketing for over 15 years and haven't seen a more powerful and effective method for increasing conversions.

Jim Y. - Internet Marketing
We use retargeting for all of our clients .... without exception. We consider this a given now because it's so inexpensive and so powerful.

Lisa R. - Advertising Consultant
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