Increase your Conversions For your Law Firm Website with these Tips

Learn the features that contribute to high website conversion rates based on a study by LexiNexis.

How to Increase Conversions For Your Law Firm Website

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There are literally hundreds of countless web sites of law firms attempting to obtain the interest of possible customers. With a lot competition on the web, a law practice’s website only has a few seconds to engage website visitors.  According to the 2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” which was commissioned by LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell, possible clients use those initial couple of seconds to examine a law firm’s site, determine their professionalism and reliability, as well as identify their ability to practice law.

Consumers are increasingly comfortable with searching for information online when it refers to lawful concerns. Law firm websites should abide by certain principles if they want to involve and also convert website visitors into clients. Without a doubt, based on the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell research, there are certain internet site components that motivate website visitors to get in touch with law firms, as well as particular website elements that would certainly discourage them from contacting law firms.

The 2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study,” notes the feedback from participants on newer website aspects—such as blog sites, social media links/widgets, and also videos—as well as more established industry best practices—such as prominent contact information, a professional image, and showcased experience.

Features that Positively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

The study indicates that there are certain common “building blocks of success” that favorably impact conversions on law firm websites.

These elements are:

  • Location
  • Navigation
  • Attorney Profiles
  • Practice Areas
  • Free Case Evaluation
  • Consumer Education


  1. Location

The law firm’s place ought to be prominently showcased on the website. Besides noting the complete address of the office location, participants of the research were more likely to call law firms that conspicuously featured maps and directions to their offices on their web sites.

  1. Navigation

Law web sites that were well-organized and also very easy to navigate were provided really favorable ratings. In comparison, law firm websites that forced website visitors to do many clicks to uncover the information they required, were offered lower scores.

  1. Attorney Profiles/ Practice Areas

Well-designed attorney profiles provided individuals a greater feeling of the attorneys’ abilities, character, as well as skills. Aspects that make up a properly designed lawyer profile include photos (consisting of pictures of the attorneys), biographical info, and experience. Participants especially wanted to quickly find the attorney’s location and areas of expertise.

  1. Free Case Evaluation

Several individuals favored law firm sites that conspicuously showed free consultations. This is because numerous participants hesitated to call law practice that charged for the initial visit – particularly if the lawyer might not eventually take the case.

  1. Consumer Education

High quality, targeted, as well as truly helpful material attracted participants. Advantageous ratings were awarded to law practice sites that explained participants’ legal concerns and provided beneficial educational material. Online search engines like Google and Bing also prefer law practice websites that consistently post high quality, targeted, yet useful material, and they also offer much higher natural rankings to the web sites that fulfill such requirements.

In addition, the study showed that participants gave the following characteristics favorable scores:

  1. Prominently Featured Case Results

Individuals additionally favorably ranked law practice websites that featured case results. Participants however did not favour firms with major awards, as it was felt that companies that included smaller successes were much more inclined in taking on a greater variety of cases. Law practice websites that simply posted big wins were viewed as being intimidating and thus were much less inclined to call such law firms regarding smaller cases.

Descriptions of Third-party Competitive Differentiators

Law practice websites that showcased professional accomplishments, independent rankings, or customer assessments scored significantly better than law practice web sites that lacked such third-party affordable differentiators. Individuals wanted to find out even more concerning the positive qualities that differentiated the law practice from its rivals.

  1. Prominently Featured Videos

A significant number of participants found expert videos on the site to be very persuasive. As most do not want to deal with lawyers and law firms that make them feel uncomfortable, they prefer to watch videos clips on law practice web sites that offer a compelling look into the lawyers’ personalities and the atmosphere of the law practice.

  1. Well-integrated Social Media Links/Widgets

Law firm websites that posted prominantly their social media links/widgets were viewed as being more approachable, and were checked out more favorably by some individuals.

  1. Responsive Web Design

Law firm sites that have been maximized for numerous devices– such as tablets, desktops, as well as mobile phones– were viewed more positively by individuals. Site visitors are turned off by web pages that do not display appropriately on their devices. Such sites that aren’t compatible typically experience less traffic and also fewer conversions. Google and Bing likewise despise websites that aren’t device responsive, and will penalize such websites.

Features that Negatively Impact Conversions on Law Firm Websites

Of course, there are other factors that would detrimentally affect conversions on law practice web sites. Based on the LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell study, the following factors discouraged individuals from contacting the law firms featured on their website:

  1. Websites that Appear to be too Commercial

Participants were turned off by law firm internet sites that focused too much on payment or appeared to be too desperate for business. Customers would instead employ attorneys that appear more interested in making a difference than in making a profit.

  1. Mediocre Visual Design

Badly created or visually sub-par web sites likewise drive site visitors away en masse. Individuals stated they were less most likely to speak to law firms that had cluttered websites, uninviting visuals and color design, and navigation that proved difficult to browse.

  1. Inappropriate Photos and Poorly Chosen Images

Some participants were turned off by stock pictures, especially if they found the images to be mentally distressing. Troubling photos (such as those of injured individuals and accidents) were deemed inappropriate, even if they associated with the area of regulation being exercised. Individuals likewise revealed disappointment in law firm sites that did not have pictures of their lawyers.

  1. Missing Case Results

Participants expected case results to be conspicuously shown or very easy to locate, and revealed dissatisfaction at law firm websites that did not include such details.

  1. Poorly Designed Contact Forms

Individuals were shut off by contact forms that were needlessly invasive or called for extra, tiresome actions to complete.

A Questionnaire for Law Firms that Want to Convert Even More Site Visitors on their Websites

Attorneys who want to convert even more of their site visitors and reduce their bounce rates should respond to the following concerns:

  • Does their firm’s internet site convey a professional image?
  • Can website visitors easily establish if the law firm’s location is nearby?
  • Does the company demonstrate its ability to handle the prospective client’s legal concerns?
  • Does the firm demonstrate its expertise via its website?

Anything less than a resounding “yes” ought to be reason enough to subject your web site to professional analysis and redevelopment. Your website must be the main proponent of your online marketing effort. Aside from providing a window into your firm’s positioning, strengths and abilities, your website needs to additionally summarize the professional abilities of individual attorneys and also offer instructional material that your site visitors will certainly find valuable.

With the right mix of targeted content, compelling design, and useful features, attorneys can connect more effectively with their site visitors, and convert them into prospective clients who will contact the firm for more information or set up appointments.

Does your firm’s website meet the following criteria, or is it sorely lacking in the website elements and/or characteristics that lead to successful conversions?

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