Everything starts with assessing how much media exposure you currently have as no two clients are alike.

Step 1: We first determine if you have a presence in each of the 4 critical marketing quadrants.

Step 2: We then find out what are your goals and ambitions.

Step 3: We customize a strategic plan within your marketing budget to achieve what you want.

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Video Hosting

We Help Small & Big Businesses To Create, Host, Organize, Manage, & Publish Top Notch Videos To Effortlessly Market Their Products, and Services & 5X Sales. You will have 100% Control To All Your Marketing Videos (No Ads On Videos, No Traffic Hijacking) Read More

Branding Service

Branding is more than just a logo. If well thought out your branding will project a consistent presence in all forms of social media. As well as in your website, in your blog, your ads, and all the images you use. This goes a long way towards establishing a sense of stability, trust, and familiarity in your marketplace. Think of the brands we are familiar with like Nike, Microsoft, Facebook … As a separate Branding Service. This program is designed to fast-track what normally would be a long and prolonged process. This makes branding affordable to small businesses. Normally an Ad Agency would charge anywhere from $5000 to $30,000 for a similar branding package which may put it out of reach.

Content Creation

You need Social Media Exposure. We create articles/posts/videos  for scheduled distribution up to 6 months out to the various Social Media Accounts below:

Good Custom content is prohibitively labour intensive unless you are plugged into an automated system for distribution and approvals. Our writers are American college professors who will do the research and write-ups to ensure your content is current and valuable.

We offer three different service plans starting at $225/month.

LinkedIn Services

Your LinkedIn profile summary is the first place people look to find out more about what you offer. Think of it as an advertisement which it is. We can customize a professional profile showcase to attract your ideal customers.
A constant source of leads equates to a successful business. We can build a network of your best prospects at the rate of 15 to 60 leads a week. Our service will use everything LinkedIn makes available to increase exposure and goodwill. This includes message campaigns, skill endorsements, birthday and anniversary messages, sharing Google News articles, Youtube videos, doing post likes, Random Video Posts,  Meme posts …

Paid Advertising = Instant Media Exposure

Paid advertising is effective because it uses massive Information Distribution systems. If you want free you must put the time and effort to build your own content distribution systems. That is a long-term strategy. The fast way is to leverage systems already in place.
Now you can use the ‘Name Brand’ systems. Systems such as ‘Yahoo Ads’, “LinkedIn Ads”, “Google Ads”, “Google Adwords”, Facebook Ads. and pay top dollar. Or through us, you can use lesser-known non-name brand services. Achieve the same results and get 2-10x more exposure for the same advertising budget.
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