Social Media Optimization A Business Necessity

Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization Expands your Brand’s Reach, Intensifies Visitor Engagement, Promotes New Customer Acquisitions and Ignites Your Customer Loyalty. Let Your Brand Sizzle throughout the Social Media Networks!

Social Media Optimization is a business necessity. Social media networks are no longer just platforms for us to communicate with old high school friends or family members. These networks are marketing tools, that when properly optimized, can bring you more traffic, leads, and sales to your business than you ever thought possible. This is where MyBusinessBuilders social media optimization services come in.

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What is Social Media Optimization or SMO?

Social media optimization or SMO is the process of optimizing various social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin. SMO can rapidly increase public awareness about a business, brand, product, or service. It facilitates the reach, visitor engagement and amplification. This is because your friends, fans, followers, and connections also have friends in their networks and their friends also have their networks of friends, fans and followers.

Your potential prospects and present customers are probably looking for you in social networks. By not optimizing your social presence online, you are essentially giving the cold shoulder to potential prospects who may be willing to become customers. Customers who could easily become loyal fans. You can warm up to your prospects and convert them as well as nurture your current customers with proper SMO.

Recent customer acquisition within social media is: 62% for LinkedIn, 52% for Facebook, and 44% for Twitter! Don’t Delay and launch your Social Media Optimization services today!

Our Social Media Optimization Services

Social Media Optimization has changed the field of online marketing and the modification has been for the better. Social media advertising and optimization is the best way to ensure that a website page will gain a significant exposure in the online world. This kind of service has a propensity to drive traffic to sites perpetually. This can be achieved through prolonged hard work supported by careful planning.

Using the power of SMO is today’s important part of any social media advertising and marketing campaign. At this point in time, virtually 93 percent of advertising experts utilize Social Media Optimization for commercial purposes.

Social media optimization offers a platform where small businesses can scale up to larger businesses by keeping in touch with an expanding potential network of the internet audience. By means of forums and blogs, review posting and social networking, SMO garners the line of communication between businesses and potential customers. There are lots of sites and communities which are used by the professionals to advertise their customers’ trade and improve their brand presence online.

A successful social media optimization service needs proper formulation of strategies. There must be detailed planning to approach the certain networks.

Social media advertising service is not all about publishing advertisements and promoting the company. Instead, the services are also about the distribution and sharing of the ideas. Through taking part the forums, through keeping a site blog the businesses can attract the targeted online audience. Website blogs which feature efficient news regarding the newest service which the business has in offering or information regarding the existing events of the business, optimizing the site and by means of consistent updates the companies can have an open communication line with their potential customers. Optimizing the website must also allow the online audience to publish comments as well as share the feedback and ideas. This improves the linkability and likeability of most websites in the world of internet.

One of the major services of SMO is developing content. The majority of social media advertising agencies have professional content writers who make unique articles with the keywords properly distributed all throughout the body. Catchy content that is written properly using easy to understand words appeal the online audience the best. Article submission in different directories is an integral part of SMO service. It also collects inbound links that influence the rank of the website in the search engine. Social media optimization professionals utilize networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linkedin in order to improve the popularity of the company.

Social media marketing is a cost efficient approach to improving the visibility of any company. On the other hand, the social media optimization service needs the assistance of experts and hence getting the assistance of a reputed SMO agency is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Expert Social Media Marketing Agencies such as MyBusinessBuilders formulate specific and unique marketing plans in order to satisfy the precise requirements of the company and with a tactical approach, we seek to find volumes of targeted website traffic for our clients.




Why Do You Need Social Media Optimization

Social media is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and to encourage customer engagement and loyalty. Recent studies show that 65% of respondents are using social media to learn more about products, services, brands and businesses. Some 53% of internet users compliment brands and 70% read other people’s experiences, comments and recommendations. The present use of social media in searching for businesses is exponentially increasing – growing three hundred percent over the past few years.

ADDED NOTE: In 2017 it become more and more obvious that our clients need a more comphrehensive approach – its not in the interests of our client to just offer these services seperately as its the combination of services theat gives expodential results. To optimize your web presence here in is a sample report of what we do for our clients combining both ONSITE and OFFSITE SEO with SOCIAL MEDIA Optimization.

What We Do – Social Media Optimization

MyBusinessBuilders focuses our efforts on the four biggest online social media networks today: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We however, also provide social media optimization for YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger and many more. We can set up and optimize your company’s accounts in all these networks.

1. Facebook: Facebook has over 1 billion monthly active users and is still growing every day. Most of your prospects are on Facebook and they need to see your optimized profile and fan pages that reflect your brand. They want to see your business’s information. They also want to see that there is a real human behind the business and so they are expecting status posts, messages, comments and reviews. We will ensure that your social media accounts are active and well-maintained. Start Your FaceBook Campaign

2. Google+ – The newest player in the game has recently become the # 2 social network online. It now has over 280 million active monthly users. What makes G+ special is the SEO benefits it brings. We will set up and optimize your Google+ Profile with the right business information, keywords, and images. We can then continue posting updates and sharing relevant posts to help boost your social presence online. Start Your Google+ Campaign

3. Twitter – Twitter has over 200 million active monthly users who are generating over 340 million tweets a day. We can set up and optimize your Twitter account and post regular tweets to gain more followers for you. Start Your Twitter Campaign

4. LinkedIn – Linkedin is the perfect platform for b2b business. It has over 87 million users in over 200 countries to date. We’ll build and optimize your Profile, join in on Discussions and Groups on your behalf. Linkedin has just been bought out by Facebook  which is of particular interest to us since we as a company are tapped into its database from a remarketing aspect. Considering Google with DoubleClick has only 20% market share this can prove interesting. Start Your Linkedin Campaign

Social media optimization is an ongoing, intensive marketing effort. It requires hours daily of posting and interacting with potential prospects. SMO can be a full-time job on its own so you may want to consider leacving it to the internet marketing professionals. Don’t let SMO distract you from your main business. Send us a message or call us now at 604-200-7787 and let us take care of all your social media marketing requirements.