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We are an internet marketing company that understands that what you want is a marketing strategy that works. One that will work not only the front end – driving visitors to your business but also the back end ensuring that most if not all visitors convert into clients and or customers.

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  • You would like to use an internet marketing company but you think you don’t have the budget. That used to be true, no marketing agency will touch you at the low end if you have less than $2500/month to spend on your marketing. The simple reason is that there is not enough there for them to really do anything for you. In 2016 for the most part that is still the case, however we have strategic partners in the data industry which we can leverage to dramatically build your business with even small marketing budgets.
  • You know you have to get into internet marketing and advertising but you do not know where to start? We sympathize with you – this is a full time job. What worked yesterday doesn’t work any more as the game is constantly changing and it is challenging if you are just trying to keep up.
  • Traditional advertising methods are no longer relevant. Marketing online can be very complex (and costly) if you don’t know what works! Unless you are constantly testing and tweaking your campaigns you are literally throwing money out the window. Stop.
  • You are currently running an  advertising campaign but you are not seeing the desired results. Stop. Tell us who you want to reach and where and when you want to reach them. Even if your target customers are on most prestigious venues out there we will do that for you cost effectively.
  • You don’t know your advertising ROI as you have no reliable reporting. You don’t know what is working and what is not.  That is the definition of throwing money out the window. Stop.
  • You want to learn all the nuances of seo and search engine marketing.Sadly you now realize now that like anything else marketing a business takes years to master and continuous education.  The technology constantly changes and you are finally clueing in that SEO is not where its at. Ouch. They don’t teach you what is happening out in the field – the technology is changing too fast – unless you are in it, you are not. This is where we as internet marketing company come in.
  • Your website is dated. It’s not ‘mobile’ or ‘tablet’ friendly. As a result you are losing potential customers to your competitors. Their sites are more compatible to smart phones and mobile devices. As a result free search engine traffic is favouring your competition. Why? Simple, its because free search engines’ [like Google] ad revenue is based on satisfied user experience. Your site doesn’t qualify [ Test Your Site Here ]. Let us our internet marketing company fix it and make it Google friendly.
  • You want to engage your customers and build a fan base through social media marketing. However you just don’t have the time, the staff or the know how? From our perspective it appears that there is a misunderstanding that social media is free. Is it? Do you have someone dedicated to daily producing value articles? Are you socially engaging daily with potential clients?  Are you daily writing article content to strategically bring traffic to specific pages on your website? Who is paying for your time or their time? And is all this on ‘the hope’ that this engagement will result in more clients and more visitors to your business? Do you know what you are doing by being focused on a measurable result? How about if we automated all that for you. How about if our internet marketing company tracked the results to show you what is working and what is not? How about if we gave you the equalivant leverage of say a staff of 10? 
  • You are tired of being approached by every Tom, Dick and Harry who says he is a local marketing expert with the magic solution to all your problems. You don’t know who to believe any more, as nothing seems to work.  Nor do you have the time or the resources to deal with it and vet it out.  Its frustrating and its painful but you still have to deal with it as traditional marketing is gone with the Dodo bird. Like TV and Radio Advertising it still works but it is very expensive and difficult to measure results.
  • Everything we as a internet marketing company do today is based on tracked results. If it doesn’t work, we change it until it does.  If you don’t have the ability to track your results, you literally are flying in the dark. Your marketing should be tied to measurable results – if not you don’t have control on your bottom line. The bottom line is, its your bottom line that we track and worry about. If we don’t produce the results, you are not going to stay in business with us. We unlike other internet marketing agencies give you periodic reports on our progress. We increase your revenues and strategically position your business on a positive growth trajectory starting with where you are at. So talk to us and lets see if we can work profitably together. Contact us Now!

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As a principle of, a full service internet marketing agency, we assist business professionals and companies of all sizes use search engine optimization and social media marketing to boost their online visibility, attract new customers and increase their bottom line.

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